• Full Brim SunShade for Hard Hats Hi-Vis, Polyester Mesh, Refelcitive, Foldable, Lightly System 1
  • Full Brim SunShade for Hard Hats Hi-Vis, Polyester Mesh, Refelcitive, Foldable, Lightly System 2
  • Full Brim SunShade for Hard Hats Hi-Vis, Polyester Mesh, Refelcitive, Foldable, Lightly System 3
Full Brim SunShade for Hard Hats Hi-Vis, Polyester Mesh, Refelcitive, Foldable, Lightly

Full Brim SunShade for Hard Hats Hi-Vis, Polyester Mesh, Refelcitive, Foldable, Lightly

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Item specifice

Hard Hat Sun Shade
Polyester Mesh
Reflective, Foldable
Construction, Survery

Foldable Light SunShade for Hard Hats Wide Brim Hi-Vis, Polyester Mesh, Refelcitive

Hard Hat sunshade /Sun brim for Hemet, is made from lightly ployester mesh with hi-vis color and reflective stripes to protecte wearers neck, face and eyes from sun burn and UV rays. 

Foldable Design- The sun shield are foldable design, easy to carry it to wherever the working site maybe.

Lighweight- Our sun shade is only 100g /piece which can provide comfortable wearing experience. 

Full Brim Mesh- Full brim hard hat sun shield made from polyester mesh, keeps wearwes cool while be protected from sun linght. 

High Visibility- Helmet sun shield comes in bright colors and attached with reflective stripes to make you are high visibility to availd more harzardour from others by accident. 

Application: Hard Hat Sun Shade need to work with hard hats, it is suit to most of outdoor works: Construction Site, Survery, Farm, Mining, Quarrying.  

Item NameHard Hat SunShadeSize
Other NameHard Hat Sun BrimWeight100g /piece

Polyester Mesh

Pack1 pc/bag, 200 pcs/ctn
FeatureReflective StripesHard HatNot Included
ColorGrey, Blue, Lime, Orange

ApplicationConstruction, Sruvery, Farm, Mining, Quarrying etc. 

Q:If the helmet is required to withstand the impact, the lighter the better, then its weight should not exceed how many grams?
Small, along, along the winding along the safety helmet weight should not exceed 430 grams, along with a large helmet weight should not exceed 460 grams, cold proof helmet weight should not exceed 690 grams (above the weight requirements do not include additional components).
Q:What's the color of the safety helmet?
Safety helmets at construction sites have strict grades: the helmet of a general manager is much better in quality than the average worker.
Q:Just like the yellow color of the safety helmet. What's the name of yellow paint?
Paint is a kind of chemical mixture coating that can firmly cover the surface of an object and protect, decorate, mark and other special uses. China paint industry authoritative "coating technology" is a Book of this definition: "coating is a kind of material, this material can be used in different construction process of coating the surface of objects, forming solid, solid film having certain adhesion strength, continuous. The film thus formed is commonly referred to as a coating film, also known as a paint film or coating."
Q:Can bamboo helmets be used for work?
Tolerable。Material safety cap, glass steel, engineering plastic, bamboo, rattan etc.; and in accordance with the characteristics and the relevant provisions of special and general safety helmet, safety helmet, safety helmet which need to obtain special production qualification.
Q:Do I need a safety helmet for indoor work?
Generally speaking, head injury, the injury is a most deadly, but not all the work site must wear, for example some closed space, because the area is small, as long as the security is guaranteed, you can not wear a helmet
Q:What is the helmet glass made of?
Plastic PC (poly carbonate resin). PC - thermoplastic resin, excellent transparency, high impact resistance at room temperature, high temperature resistance, high rigidity, FDA grade, poor friction resistance, poor resistance. Usually used as a mirror material. Categories include anti-static PC, conductive PC, fiber reinforced fire retardant PC, UV resistant, weather resistant PC, food grade PC, chemical resistant PC.
Q:What should be checked before using the safety helmet? What should I pay attention to when using?
Before putting on the helmet, adjust the cap and adjust the belt to the right position, then fasten the elastic band in the cap. Cushion cushion's elastic is adjusted by the belt, the human head and the top of the cap space vertical distance generally between 25 ~ 50mm, at least not less than 32mm is good. In order to ensure that when the impact occurs, the cap has enough space for buffering, usually also conducive to head and head ventilation between the body.
Q:Where's the difference between a helmet and a helmet?
If it's a helmet:1 if a pebble falls, then the situation is: the helmet has nothing to do and nobody has anything to do.2 if a brick fell, then the situation is: the helmet shell will be broken, no matter. Because the helmet absorbs most of the impact energy through crushing and crushing.
Q:Do you have helmets and bamboo now?
PC plastic is polycarbonate material (Polycarbonate). The material steel is hard and tough. It has high impact resistance, high dimensional stability, good electrical insulation and high temperature resistance. Because of its high price, other countries rarely use it except japan. Of course, because some of the PC materials have good temperature resistance, many metal smelting industries need this kind of high temperature resistant PC safety helmet.
Q:What are the requirements of wearing a safety helmet?
Safety helmet consists of a helmet lining, the shell is composed of two parts, a cap lining must be well connected with the shell, and a cap lining and the hat shell can not close, should have a certain gap, the gap is generally 2-4cm (as the material), when there are objects falling into the safety helmet shell, a cap lining can play a buffer role, not to hurt the cervical vertebra.

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