Full Brim SunShade for Hard Hats Hi-Vis, Polyester Mesh, Refelcitive, Foldable, Lightly

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Item specifice:

Item: Hard Hat Sun Shade Fabric: Polyester Mesh Feature: Reflective, Foldable
OEM: available Weight: 100g Application: Construction, Survery
Foldable: Yes

Product Description:

Foldable Light SunShade for Hard Hats Wide Brim Hi-Vis, Polyester Mesh, Refelcitive

Hard Hat sunshade /Sun brim for Hemet, is made from lightly ployester mesh with hi-vis color and reflective stripes to protecte wearers neck, face and eyes from sun burn and UV rays. 

Foldable Design- The sun shield are foldable design, easy to carry it to wherever the working site maybe.

Lighweight- Our sun shade is only 100g /piece which can provide comfortable wearing experience. 

Full Brim Mesh- Full brim hard hat sun shield made from polyester mesh, keeps wearwes cool while be protected from sun linght. 

High Visibility- Helmet sun shield comes in bright colors and attached with reflective stripes to make you are high visibility to availd more harzardour from others by accident. 

Application: Hard Hat Sun Shade need to work with hard hats, it is suit to most of outdoor works: Construction Site, Survery, Farm, Mining, Quarrying.  

Item NameHard Hat SunShadeSize
Other NameHard Hat Sun BrimWeight100g /piece

Polyester Mesh

Pack1 pc/bag, 200 pcs/ctn
FeatureReflective StripesHard HatNot Included
ColorGrey, Blue, Lime, Orange

ApplicationConstruction, Sruvery, Farm, Mining, Quarrying etc. 

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According to the size of the user's head, adjust the length of the cap hoop to its proper position (tightness). Steeplejacks wear safety helmet, with chin strap and neck hoop and should be fast, to prevent slipping and took off his hat.
Q:Can welders wear helmets on a construction site?
No, everyone who enters the site must wear a safety helmet. Many welders will wear helmets, do not facilitate welding operations on the grounds, do not wear helmets, which is illegal, must be stopped.
Q:What are the requirements of wearing a safety helmets?
The correct way to wear a helmetFirst, adjust the hoop and put it on, then adjust the hoop to the right place, then fasten the chin belt.Incorrect way to wear a helmetTake over the top of the lower jaw, with no jaw, jaw belt into the cap, with no tight jaw.
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