Ox Full Grain Leather Upper, 200J Steel toe, CE standard safety Shoes/Boots RH848

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Size conversion Tables of Safety shoes


Quantity for Shoes3400 Pairs6800 Pairs8200 Pairs
Quantity for Boot2200 Pairs5600 Pairs6600 Pairs
Delivery Time15-25 Days25-35 Days35-45 Days


SB Basic safety requirements of EN20345:2004
SBP SB + Penetration resistant

 SB + Closed seat region + Antistatic properties + Shock Absorption
S1P S1 + Penetration resistant
S2 S1 + Water penetration and water absorption
S3 S2 + Penetration resistant + Cleated outsoles




PU / PU injection Sole, dual density


SB: with steel toe only

S1: with steel toe + antistatic sole

SBP: with steel toe + with steel plate

S1P: with steel toe + with steel plate + antistatic sole

S2: with steel toe + antistatic sole + water proof

S3: with steel toe+ with steel plate + antistatic sole + water proof

The Upper‘s material for Optional:

Cow/Buffalo Suede Leather

Cow/Buffalo Suede Leather

Crazy Horse Leather

Nubuck Leather

Smooth Leather

Full Grain Leather

Collar, tongue: PU padded with sponge

Toe-cap's Material for Optional:

Steel Toe Cap

Composite Toe Cap

Plastic Toe Cap

Midplate's Material for Optional

Steel Middle Plate

Kevlar Middle Sole


Lining''s Material for Optional

Air Mesh



Natural Fur

Design and Color of outsole for Optional


Color: Any your interested color, our attractive color for your reference.(Black, Gray, transparent color)

Diferent of Insock for reference.

EVA+Mesh (Normal Style)

Good Quality of insole for you reference

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Q:How do insulated gloves inflate? How about inspection of insulating boots? How do you check the safety helmet?
Notes on the use of insulating gloves:1. low voltage insulated gloves, as the basic safety equipment, can be directly contact with low-voltage charged body. The high-voltage insulated gloves can only be used as auxiliary safety devices, and can not touch the high voltage charged body directly;
Q:How much is a safety helmet in a construction site?
How many stalls are there?The cheapest pieces, the unqualified onesThe average worker is a dozen or soWell, twenty, and better
Q:Do I need a safety helmet for indoor work?
Safety helmets must be required to prevent falling objects, and to protect the head from falling!
Q:Where can I buy a safety helmet?
Safety helmet styles: mainly refers to the size of the safety cap. A big hat is suitable for outdoor work, anti shock function, also has the sun and rain; most of the small hat brim is suitable for indoor, tunnels and other small activities, or low light environment.Helmet color, the country does not have the relevant standards, specify the helmet color, what position?. In general, light colored or eye-catching color is appropriate, such as white, light yellow, a standard or some other enterprises within the industry by default, such as wearing red wine leaders inspected the safety helmet, on-site technical personnel wear red helmets, safety supervision personnel wearing white helmets etc..
Q:How do you recognize the helmet color?
White is the supervision or other personnel of Party ARed is the site management personnel, including construction workers, what the inspector;Blue is a skilled worker, including field electricians, tower cranes, workers and so onYellow is an ordinary worker, a worker of ordinary labor
Q:What is the helmet glass made of?
Plexiglass (PMMA resin). PMMA is colorless and transparent, light transmittance is the best in plastic, higher than glass, light transmission range is large, reflectivity changes with the incidence angle, the absorption rate of light is small, can do total reflection. When the PMMA (carrier plate and rod bending) <480 conductive light; polymer atactic stereoblock type, but there is a separate short distance order, so the products are stretched and oriented crystalline structure, has good anti crazing, crazing resistance and impact toughness increase. Organic glass is divided into colorless, transparent, colored, transparent, pearlescent, embossed organic glass four.
Q:How do you use a screen print or a picture on a safety helmet?
Need to use pad printing machine to print, with silk screen to make, process is too complex
Q:How are the wires inside the construction site safety helmet tied?
A construction site safety helmet impact equipment experience, characterized in that it comprises a safety helmet impact experience unit, the safety cap unit comprises a box body and experience the impact is arranged in the box body, cylinder lifting mechanism and the drop stick, wherein the box body is provided with the baffle into human body standing area and equipment placement area the upper part of the clapboard with vertical chute, the device is placed in a fixed mounting bracket, the first and second rails are fixed between the top of the mounting bracket and the equipment placement area
Q:What's the color of the safety helmet on the coal mine?
In my Qilu area, most coal miners are underground production workers.The color of the helmet is black.
Q:Safety cap for power staff
In the maintenance room, if the main control room is working, it is better to wear a helmet. This does not have a unified, generally do not make hard and fast requirements

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