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I have a question regarding helmets. Please answer this question.?
you can share, just talk about exactly what you will share and for what show with lots of days in advance. so, if you both wanted the same thing on the same day, then use your friend skills and say: well, how about this time, you use it and next time we both want the same thing, I'll get first pick. take turns on the favorite items in other words. sharing can be fine.and making it work is easy if you are truly friends, then you simply take turns. If you don't think you want to do it though, then if you are truly friends, she'll understand. If you're not really friends, then she'll get mad because she can't control you. So, you can just say, No thanks. I think it'll be too complicated. A true friend would then say, ok, cool. I just thought I'd ask. and would then move on and forget about it. simple as that.
If you could think of one it would be much appreciatedthanks
crimp much holes tighter, all-ways brass fittings , cinch or crimp on a plastic fitting may cause failure or cracks.not seen until a leak or flooding. I've and done the freeze test on pex with a 2'ft. piece with plugs in the ends, both cinch crimp, plastic fitting brass/ both pex piping swell, but the plastic gave out. use pipe insulation with 3/4 wall like armor flex. check r value on insulation for your area.
I don't believe in ghosts. Wierd things have always happened at my house but ignore it. But for months my bedroom door locks itself when I am in my room. Or when my husband is alone aleep. Its epecially happenda when we sleep.Today my husband went in and the door locked on its own i knocked n before he opened it. It unlocked on its own. If this is a ghost is it a bad one?
The cost of your labor and/or the machine for the digging. The cost of the pipe and fittings. The cost of the permit if required. The cost of the inspection if required. The first will depend on the depth and type of soil. The second on the type of pipe you use - minimum Schedule 40, better would be schedule 80. And many fittings are not approved for underground use, and some, even if approved should not be used (such as solvent-weld fittings). And you may have to install a vent under some codes. The third and fourth depend on your township. Around here, that is about $200 for all of it. Remember One-Call!
What's the difference between pipe repair device and clamp type flexible pipe joint?
Generally applicable range is less than 16 kilograms, can not solve the limit problem, limited position can not solve the problem of flexible axial compensation.
Think of how much air the drivers can get if they hit a speed bump at 200MPH. It would be a challenge for the driver to make all of the yellow lights.
If you have a pipe cutter, you can remove the section, that is, if you can live without that half-inch. If you're replacing it with another compression fitting, you would do well to place it on a section of the pipe that isn't marred up or corroded. Personally, I can't stand the compression fittings. I'd rather sweat the pipe and fixtures in place. You might consider that. It's well worth it, if you do minor plumbing like this, to spent the few bucks and get a pipe cutter, it gives a smooth cut and can fit in some really tight places.
Hi There,I'm hoping someone may have some feedback on the following.I am trying to install a new door handle with lock for bathroom.Everything appears fine, door locks when it's ajar. However, onceI close the door and lock it, once I try and open it to see if it locks, it just flies open. The knob mechanism seems to be working, locking but I can just open the door without any problem if its in the door unit. why would this happen? Please tell me because I'm about to lose my mind. I've been working on this for over 3 hours. I bless you for your help.
Use of an extension cord in a permanent application as you describe it is a NEC (National Electric Code) violation. And not rated for the purpose. You may however, do the following: Install an extension ring (box) at the existing receptacle location. Run 1/2 PVC pipe to the new location.(you are talking 120 volts here, right?) Install a single gang FS box (weather proof pvc box) GFI receptacle and an in-use cover. Now you are in compliance with the NEC, and won't have to rework anything in the future if the house goes on the market. Please stay out of the Plumbing department when getting your PVC pipe and fittings. Plumbing pipe is rated 60 psi and electrical pipe is rated 90 deg Centigrade. They are NOT interchangeable. Not to mention you can't pull wire through a plumbing elbow, but you can pull through wire through an electrical 90 deg. fitting. I don't recommend trying to run UF (direct burial) cable in this application. Stick to individual conductors, 12 THHN will be fine for 20 amps. Hot, neutral and ground. If I missed something, if the tub needs 240 volts or more than 20 amps let me know. Bury the pipe 14' deep so that you have the 12 of cover required by code. If you use the correct/proper boxes and covers there will be no need to seal the pipe. If you take a picture of the existing wall outlet it will help the folks at your local building supply store to direct you to the right parts. OH, and are you sure the existing outdoor outlet circuit will handle this load? And if it is already GFI protected you won't need another one at the new box. Good luck.
What is a slot type mechanical joint?Copy search
Because of the special sealing structure design of the rubber sealing ring and the clamp hoop, the groove connecting piece has good sealing property, and the sealing property is enhanced correspondingly with the increase of the fluid pressure in the pipe.
In Windows XP the performance of the system is extremely slow down at the long run. How to tune Windows XP?
i dont think so-in MISSISSIPPI there can not be any joints under the slabdont know bout other states-i guess you might oughta check the local building inspectors office in your area hey have a good and safe MEMORIAL DAY-