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how far away you can park away from a fire hydrant?
Look and a couple other places. I suggested it to my neighbor and he loves it, and I even leave it in during summer heat as it keeps dust and other crap out of my eyes.
I live in a condo community and they had 3 speed bumps in the beginning of the lot, in which the first (if your coming) or the last speed bump (if your leaving) is placed on a hill so it is hard for my car to make it over with out the car studdering over the bump or I have a hard time getting over the bump slowly although if I give it too much gas my car bottoms out on it. . that was the first issue. . the second issue is now they added 3 more that are violent in the best words thats how i'll describe the new speed bumps . . Now is there any laws that state how far away each speed bump can be placed and is there a law that permits the height of the bump? Also you should know I live in Worcester, Massachusetts . .I would really like to address this issue with the condo association promptly so any laws or advice about this would be greatly appreciated. .I'm starting to be concerned with my car!! thanks
Racecars will never be safe, but the technology has developed so rapidly over the passed decade, and they are quite safe. But the cars are traveling so incredibly fast, nonetheless, and accidents will happen.
The air conditioner outdoor unit tube joint frost even frozen, then the cooling effect is not very good, let people to put the tube for tube, it is flat, then wash the indoor and outdoor unit for good, but after the tube joint is still the same, even frost freezing, refrigeration effect is very poor, cold still cold, but the results are poor, not very cool. Today, I called the master again. He checked and said there was no air leak, then all the gas was drained and the snow was renewed. Later, that tube interface still frosted, I do not want to call the master, and too much water, so many times can not do.I have always stressed and master is not completely open tube valve is not so cold medium to plugging in there, he has not said, I just want to do you need to twist the valve, how to operate, I just want to look at the valve is not open to the maximum torque.
If it has been opened to the maximum opening, the cooling effect is still not good, and here frost and ice, should consider replacing filters, after washing the pipeline, re vacuum and refrigerant.
I want to run an electric blanket in my shed during the winter to keep the outdoor cats warm. Would this be a fire hazard?
ANSI approved safety goggles? No. Normal shooting glasses? Absolutley. When looking for goggles, be sure to get a full seal, wraparound design that is ANSI 4 compliant or higher.
of chemical, light, sound and heat sensors.?
This is how people are fooled by unproven statistics. Lol. Until someone finds a source and the source seems reliable, don't pay attention to a single number here. Though there's no harm in reading someone's reasoning as to why the number would be high. Weird question. And I was just thinking about you today, Tracy Terry-after viewing my answers to show someone something in a debate, I saw your questions I have answered. Weird as this is, it's certainly a step up. Keep up the positive progress.
I'm just baught a new LCD TV and i have two wires in each outlet. I want to ground this specific outlet by running a wire to a cold water pipe. What gage wire should i use.
It That has several preconditions: 1) room to cut the pipe, 2) ability to move one of the cut pipes, 3) already having a repair sleeve, 4) water already shut off. If there is no ability to move either end, then a larger section needs to be cut out and two sleeves installed. This doubles the repair time. For a plumber to do it should be less than 10 minutes unless the pipe is too close. Probably you are in for a minimum service call. Depending on where you are, expect $75 to $200.
Where is the nearest fire extinguisher?
I would say it depends on the lyrics. I haven't seen too many of those videos you describe, but I know they are out there. I'd be interested in finding out who has conducted any experiments on how rap music slows down intellectual responses in school and also if it slows down individual responses towards someone asking for assistance. I do know that at one job I was at, an individual who listened to rap non-stop (with ear phones) was amazingly slow at responding to social cues and requests for assistance on tasks, in my opinion, whereas other employees who listened to other genres of music, with or without earphones or a headset, responded noticeably faster. When I tried to talk to the individual who was all wrapped up (pun) in rap music, it was like I had to ask 3 or 4 times to even get his attention, whereas the others - even with a headset on, would look up and respond almost immediately. It may be that studies on rap music and intellectual development would contrast quite a bit with already established studies on Classical music and intellectual development. Having said that, I have run into some very funny, clean rap songs once in a while which I did think were clever and entertaining, but it seems lately they are the exception, not the rule.
who wants to run off to an island and leave it all??
The time has changed. People with aura emanating over their head are not born any more!