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China safety helmet, safety work helmet, safety helmet price 

1. Brief Introduction

Our helmet raw meterial is ABS. Therefore, It keep the helmet anti-static and flame retardant.

2. Features

(1). Classic design with good shock absorption and resistance.

(2). Universal slots allow hearing, welding visor accessories to attach easily.

(3). Plug adjustment is easy to use.

(4).  Vented or unvented is for your option.

(5). Available in yellow, white, blue, red, orange.

3. Detailed Information

(1). 3kg-cone falling from 1M-height is unable to harpoon into the headform.

(2). Absorbing the impact of 5kg-weight hammer falling from 1M-height.

(3). From -2°C to 50°C  Ambience Temperature.

(4). Under 2200V-voltage,Leakage current less then 3mA for LED cap lamp.

(5). Under 421.4N-pressure,max distortion is less than 43mm,residual deformaiton is less than 15mm.

(6). Burning rate is less than 76.2mm/Min, Fire Resistance.

4. Flame Retardant Miner Helmet Size:

Cap HoopBrimPeakVIHIWearing Height
51-64 CM10-35MM10-55MM25-50MM5-50MM80-90MM

Remark: The pictures just some of our products, we have other types of mining helmets. If you need, kindly contact us. 

1.Material: ABS / PE / HDPE
2.Harness: 6 Points welling supension harness
3. Adjust manner: Wheel Rachet
4. Color:  White, Blue, Yellow, Red etc
5.Standard:  EU:CE EN 397:1995; 
 US: ANSI Z89.1-2003;
 CN: GB 2811-1989; 


Packaging & Shipping

1. Weight: 0.4 Kgs/Piece
2. Packing:  1 Pair/ Poly bag, 20 Pairs / Carton 
3. Carton size:   58 X 45 X 45 CM 
4. 20'ft container: 4700 Pairs (29 CBM)
5. 40'ft container: 9400 Pairs (58 CBM)
6. 40'ft HQ: 11000 Pairs (68 CBM)


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Q:How can I remove the paint on the safety helmet on the construction site?
We can also distinguish between water soluble paint is the nature or non water soluble nature, and if the soluble water directly washed with water will be good, do not worry. If the non water soluble nature of the method is also very simple, with summer repellent cool oil painted on the paint site, you can dissolve the general paint on clothes, and then wash with water. If you wear nylon fabric special fabrics, you can use lard scrub, and then wash with detergent, you can get rid of.
Q:Just like the yellow color of the safety helmet. What's the name of yellow paint?
Auxiliary film forming material: various additives, solvents, and various additives play a very important role in the production process, storage process, application process, and the formation process of paint film. Although the amount used is very small, it has a great influence on the properties of the film. Even without the film such as: dry, caking, bottom crust.Water paint need more additives to meet production, construction, storage and formation of paint film. The level of paint additives also represents the level of national paint. Solvent, also known as "dispersing medium" (including various organic solvents, water), is mainly diluted into film material to form viscous liquid, so as to facilitate production and construction. A mixture of film forming base material and dispersing medium is often called paint material.
Q:Who has the circuit helmet near electricity alarm? Or how it works?
Special note: near electric induction alarm, high frequency, no DC electrostatic warning, because the single overhead electric field around the stable high detection sensitivity, because the equipment is mainly used for detection of outdoor overhead line, the detected voltage according to the need in production equipment within certain limits to adjust.
Q:If the helmet is required to withstand the impact, the lighter the better, then its weight should not exceed how many grams?
Small, along, along the winding along the safety helmet weight should not exceed 430 grams, along with a large helmet weight should not exceed 460 grams, cold proof helmet weight should not exceed 690 grams (above the weight requirements do not include additional components).
Q:How to buy a helmet
When choosing a helmet, you must choose a safety helmet that conforms to the national standard, has complete marks and has been inspected.Users should also check their recent inspection reports when purchasing helmet products. Recent inspection reports are provided by manufacturers.And according to different protection purposes choose different varieties, such as live working personnel, should choose T4 class electrical insulation performance test safety helmet, otherwise it can not reach the protection role.
Q:What color grade is the safety helmet on the construction site?
On the construction site, you can tell which part of your hat is in the color of the hat.
Q:Why is the helmet made of plastic?
Plastic is a synthetic organic substance, which can be designed according to practical applications;
Q:How can I distinguish the safety helmet of ABS and GRP?
The easiest way is to knock with your hands. ABS sounds so small that there is almost no response, and the material is relatively soft. The sound of FRP is loud, crisp and hard.
Q:Is it correct to wear a safety helmet without a chin belt?
It is wrong to wear a safety helmet without a chin belt and it is not in accordance with the helmet's use regulations.
Q:What's the color of the safety helmet on the coal mine?
In my Qilu area, most coal miners are underground production workers.The color of the helmet is black.

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