• Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home System 1
  • Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home System 2
Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home

Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home

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JY-2501, electric welding mask, welding protection, argon arc welding mask, PP material mask, black lens (No. 10 lens) plus PC protective sheet, the left and right sides of the mask are labeled with product labels (labels provided by our company), each Pack a kraft paper box and then paste the barcode label (label provided by our company), product weight 470 kg, product length 24cm, product width 28cm, product height 25.5cm 

Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home

Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home

Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home

Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home

Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home

Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home

Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home

Head-mounted welding mask Santo Tools,essential for home


Q:Does our product support customization?
A:Our products can support customization, but there are requirements for the quantity, you can contact us for details.

Q:When you call or send a quotation request, what information do you need to provide?
A:Your needs for the product, and what you want to know in detail.

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