Transparent anti-fog mask 10pcs Santo Tools,essential for home

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Product Description:

 PC material, transparent permanent anti-fog mask
Bring one lens cleaning cloth for each one, and one PP bag for each one
10 pieces in a white box, one color label is attached outside the white box (provided by color label saituo)
Requirements: The white box must not be damaged
The outer box should use five layers of corrugated, and there should be no damage

Transparent anti-fog mask 10pcs Santo Tools,essential for home

Transparent anti-fog mask 10pcs Santo Tools,essential for home

Transparent anti-fog mask 10pcs Santo Tools,essential for home

Transparent anti-fog mask 10pcs Santo Tools,essential for home

Transparent anti-fog mask 10pcs Santo Tools,essential for home

Transparent anti-fog mask 10pcs Santo Tools,essential for home

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