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Welding gloves mainly used for the welding workers to wear gloves when working, can provide safety protection for workers and comfort.Divided welding gloves can heat insulation on the second floor, wear-resisting, prevent the welding splash burns, stop radiation, at the same time have a certain insulation performance.Suitable for ordinary manual welding (is with a pair of tongs to live this kind of welding electrode, the welding spatter content), fire retardant, anti-wear, cutting resistance and puncture, prevent tearing, reinforce the mechanical parts.Especially for argon arc welding.


Product Name

leather working welding gloves/ welding leather gloves

Model No.

cow split leather welding gloves


Cow split leather glove;patch palm,strip color cotton back; half lining , safety cuff 



Other Color

Customized color are available


12 pairs/package, 144 pairs/carton ; or as per customers' requirement

Reference datas

Cutting resistance index:2.5

The wear resistance :500 times

Tear resistance :25newton

Resistance to puncture :60 newton

Combustion resistance :level 3

Resistance to thermal: 100 degrees Celsius

Thermal airflow:HT17 OR higher

Thin metal slag resistance :25

Dexterity:11mm or less

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Leather double palm, protects against abraion, cut.


Construction, maintenance, Welding industry,agriculture and many other general heavy-duty

Delivery time

10-20days after deposit

Supply Capacity

500,000 doz/month



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