disposable pvc plastic glove

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Product Namenylon  coated wholesale work gloves
Item No.LSZ1302
Matetial CoatedLatex Crinkle
Matetial Linning13 gauge nylon
Color availablegrey/grey
Coating way3/4 coating
Size7",8",9", 10", 11"
Logo PrintingSilk Screen or heat Transfer/OEM
Package12 paris/poly bag;20 bags/carton; or as per the customer's request
ApplicationMaintenance, Construction, Engineering, Plumbing, Assembly Industry, Automotive Manufacturing, Packaging, Electronics, Glass Industry etc.
Delivery time15-30 days after order confirmed
Payment TermT/T L/C

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:100pcs/bag, 100bags/ctn. 20' FCL: 1050ctns 40' FCL: 2180ctns 40'HQ: 2560ctns
Delivery Detail:within 20-25 days after receiving deposit


-CE,ISO,GBT certified

Production Details:

household cleaning product safety glove
-CE,ISO,GBT certified


-LDPE Plastic glove  is Cheap, disposable, light, safe for food processing, it's good for hand protection in household, food factories, cleanroom, public place and so on.
- ISO9001, ISO14001, GBT28001 certified.
-HDPE poly  gloves is also online.
-Performance: Cleanning, safety supplies, medical supplies, cleanroom supplies, food service, catering, health care, household, hair salons, beauty supplies, personal protective, etc.

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