PVC Inner Split Double Palm Leather Work Glove

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Product Description:

Description of Glove:

1.CE, ISO9001 
2.Good quality and competitive price. 
3.OEM,ODM and Customized. 
4.Split double palm leather work glove

Festures of Glove:

Hand protection is a specialist area and our range offers more than 80 different models to protect hands from cuts and abrasions, chemicals, heat and most work environments. We have work gloves for use in food handling, medical and harmful liquid handling situations.

Specifications of Glove:

Hand protection can require work gloves made from leather, cotton, synthetics, nitrile, latex, PVC and combinations of these. ProChoice can meet any requirement.

Whatever your industry; whatever you have to handle,We have a specialist glove to offer maximum protection and comfort.

Images of Glove:

PVC Inner Split Double Palm Leather Work Glove


1.What about the delivery.

We can arrange the shipment about 15-25 days after the deposit.

2.What about payment term?

30% T/T deposit, balance against B/L copy.

Full T/T payment if quantity less than MOQ.

3.How much about MOQ?

Normally 100pcs,but small order is acceptable as well.

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