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giko niosh n95 mask
1) Maintenance free
2) Latex-free synthetic rubber head strap
3) Staple free optional

Giko noish n95 mask


1) Maintenance free
2) Latex-free synthetic rubber head strap
3) Staple free optional
4) The contour design ensures compatibility with the wearing of glasses
or goggles, reducing fogging

1. The hood/mask protect the head from flame, thermal radiation and dropping dust from fire

2. Provides at least 30 minutes /60 minutes of breathable air

3. Package: soft plastic carry bag and hard box for your choice

4. Against:   - Carbon Monoxide (CO).                        

                    - Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN).                        

                    - Hydrogen Chloride (HCL).                        

                    - Acrolein (CH@CHCHO).                        

                    - Plus many more toxic gases and smoke.

5. Reflective elements make user visible to rescuers

6. Comply with OSHA-EN Standards

7. The quality is guaranteed by PICC, tested by SGS.


1.Open the cover, take out the vacuumized packing bag.
2.Tear the vacuumized packing bags immediately, take out the Respirator, and pull out two plugs.
3.Put on the head and fasten it with its string.
4.Choose right way and escape decisively and quickly.

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