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Fire Hose/Nitrile Rubber Covered Fire Hose

Fire Hose/Nitrile Rubber Covered Fire Hose

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Single jacked Fire hose is standard rubber lined and single jacked products.the jacket is match to assure a precision fit to meet precise hydrostatic test requirements.jacket is plain.


General purpose lay-flat water discharge hose. commonly used in construction for pump discharge and wash down service. for industrial and construction locations where medium water pressure isused.


 Heavy duty polyester single jacket, natural rubber inner liner.A stripe of a contrasting color running the full length of the hose can be woven into the jacket.


The standard color coating is white. stripe color available are red, yellow, blue, green... etc. the cost for color coating is additional, can be specially customized for needs.

 Couplings available

Aluminum, Brass or IPT expansion ring coupling




Fire Hose/Nitrile Rubber Covered Fire Hose


1.Do you have QC teams?
 Yeah, sure, our QC team is very important, they will keep the quality control for our products.
2. What is your packaging of robot fire hose?

It's according to client's  requests.we can also accept OEM.



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Q:Which part of the pipe does fire hydrant fire pipe mean?
Is connected to the fire hydrant pump and fire hydrant box in the middle of the pipe network, directly out of the fire hydrant called the main pipe, to reach each area or floor, there is a branch pipe to the fire hydrant box combination.

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