• Fire Hose/hose reel drum, fire fighting hose reel System 1
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Fire Hose/hose reel drum, fire fighting hose reel

Fire Hose/hose reel drum, fire fighting hose reel

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1) 100% High quality Fire hose reel.
2) International Standard,Nice finish.
3) On time delivery.
4) Reasonable price.

1) Inner diameter: 19mm, 25mm
2) Length of hose: 20m, 25m, 30m
3) Hose color: black, red
4) Application: ideally used in supermarkets, hotels, tall buildings, and other public occasions.


fire hose reel and water hose reel is suitable for use in shopping centers, hotels, warehouse, school and public buildings. It enjoyd the advantages of convenient operation, flexible use and possiblity for untrained people to conduct fire extinguisher and self-rescue. It is ideal for putting out initial indoor fires.


Fire hose reels are located to provide a reasonably accessible and controlled supply of water to combat a potential fire risk. These appliances are designed to deliver, as a minimum, 0.33L of water per second. A control nozzle attached to the end of the hose enables the operator to control the direction and flow of water to the fire. All fire hose reels come with a unique ball valve shut-off device, a solid brass hose reel nozzle and mounting bracket.



Fire Hose Reel 1) hand swing type and swing arm 2) Inside diameter: 19mm 3) Length: 20, 25, 30m

Fire Hose Reel

These fire control hose reels are composed of a valve, input pipe, reel, hose and spray gun. It can spray fire retardant when the hose is extended. It is suitable for use in shopping centers, hotels, warehouses and high or low public buildings. It enjoys the advantages of convenient operation, flexible use and possibility for untrained people to conduct fire extinguishing and self-rescue. It is ideal for putting out initial indoor fires.

Specifications: 1)  Rated working pressure: 1.2Mpa 2) Effective range: ≥ 10m 3) Flow rate L/min: ≥ 40

4) Inside diameter: 19mm 5) Length: 20, 25, 30m

Fire Hose/hose reel drum, fire fighting hose reel


1.Do you have QC teams?
 Yeah, sure, our QC team is very important, they will keep the quality control for our products.
2. What is your packaging of robot fire hose?

It's according to client's  requests.we can also accept OEM.



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