• Fire hose, fire fighting hose ,pvc fire hose System 1
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Fire hose, fire fighting hose ,pvc fire hose

Fire hose, fire fighting hose ,pvc fire hose

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Fire hose, fire fighting hose ,pvc fire hose

1.PVC/ Rubber/ PU/ PVC mixed Rubber Lining  

2.The jacket of fire hose is wove by high intensity of polyester filament or polyester short-fiber.

3.There are special adhesive between the jacket and the hose. The hose is soft and highly polished to reduce the flow resistance.

4.Thinner and more soft, lighter and more convenient to use.
5.High pressure resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, aging resistance, wear-resisting.
6. Different color lining we can provide: blue, black, transparent, etc or according to your requirement.

7.The length we can provide: 10m - 40m or according to your requirement.

1.Technical Parameter                                  












pvc/pvc mixed rubber


polyester filament/

polyester short-fiber
































2.Detailed images                                          

3.productive process                                        

Packaging & Shipping



  Packaging Detail:  Each hose should coil tightly into disc shaped, wear-resisting, moisture proof encapsulation. The same pressure of work, same nominal diameter and the same material product packets into a pack of each package, with five or ten advisable. pack by carton or polybay or according to customer's requirement.

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Q:How many meters long with a standard fire?
Fire hose is divided into two categories: lined and unlined. Lined fire hose including cotton, nylon, polyester rubber hose filling rubber hose, hemp hose. Unlined, water with cotton hose, linen hose, ramie hose. According to work under pressure, divided into 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.3MPa, 1.6MPa four categories. Divided into 50, 65, 80, four or 75 and 90 millimeters by diameter. It is divided into two categories: plain hose and diagonal hose. The length of each hose is usually 20 meters.
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What about a fire suit too? How far can the state go in forcing us to conform our conduct in the name of safety?
Q:How many kinds of fire hydrants are there?
Single type can meet cold or hot water pipe; double type can meet heat pipe, used for bathroom basin and hot water supply kitchen vegetable washing basin faucet; three fire hydrant body type except ground hot and cold water pipe, but also can take a shower nozzle, mainly used for fire protection water tap.
Q:how to connect steel pipe with pvc pipe?
Amps is the amount available sort of. Here is an over used but helpful analogy: think of it like a water hose you can have 2 hoses a fire hose, and a garden hose. if the water is comeing out at the same speed/force out of both hoses they have the same voltage 12units however because the fire hose is bigger it will have more volume 7 units, when the garden has only 4 units. As long as the water doesnt come out of the hose too fast(voltage high) you can still water delecate plants with a fire or garden hose. it just will get done faster with the fire hose(more water) As lond as your circuit board is designed to use in that range of power it will be fine odds are that it is. although it is possible to hurt if if it has too many amps but only 3 amp differnce it will make little differnce. if t was 10 or 20A difference id worry but not with 3

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