Fire hose, fire fighting hose ,pvc fire hose

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Product Description:

Fire hose, fire fighting hose ,pvc fire hose

1.PVC/ Rubber/ PU/ PVC mixed Rubber Lining  

2.The jacket of fire hose is wove by high intensity of polyester filament or polyester short-fiber.

3.There are special adhesive between the jacket and the hose. The hose is soft and highly polished to reduce the flow resistance.

4.Thinner and more soft, lighter and more convenient to use.
5.High pressure resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, aging resistance, wear-resisting.
6. Different color lining we can provide: blue, black, transparent, etc or according to your requirement.

7.The length we can provide: 10m - 40m or according to your requirement.

1.Technical Parameter                                  












pvc/pvc mixed rubber


polyester filament/

polyester short-fiber
































2.Detailed images                                          

3.productive process                                        

Packaging & Shipping



  Packaging Detail:  Each hose should coil tightly into disc shaped, wear-resisting, moisture proof encapsulation. The same pressure of work, same nominal diameter and the same material product packets into a pack of each package, with five or ten advisable. pack by carton or polybay or according to customer's requirement.

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Cautiously with his fire hose at the ready.
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If I am reading this right, it was the food area that caught on fire, not due to a leak in a gas grill line or anything right ? If you answered yes to my question, then Yes you can clean it up try using a oven cleaner then wash it down real good and you should be fine. But if it was a gas grill and a hose or connector caused the fire I would have it checked out to see if it is worth cleaning or more safe to just replace it.
Q:I just move in to a new apartment unit. That has a hard-wire smoke detector in the hallway. I Would like to know. If my smoke detector would go off if I set off some roach bombs?
It is an exhaust hose. It keeps Diesel exhaust from getting all over the building and gear. (It actually ruins gear). It also keeps guys from getting cancer which has been a huge issue in the past. There are several kinds. We have Plymovent. Plymovent attaches with an air bladder that fills with air around the exhaust pipe. The hose is attached to a rail that runs the length of the bay. It has a pressure switch inside the hose so when you start the truck up the system turns on. When you pull out the hose rides along the track until it gets to an automatic release at the door when it lets all the air out of the bladder and lets go of the tailpipe. The system runs a preset time, 2 minutes, to get all the exhaust out of the building. When the vehicle returns it backs in and a firefighter manually attaches it using the switch on the hose to fill the bladder with air once he positions it on the exhaust again. I have seen other exhaust systems with magnets too and I think they actually are a better system.
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