Fire hose, canvas garden water hose with couplings for fire fighting equipment

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Product Description:

1.The lining of fire delivery  hose is Rubber, PVC or Copy Rubber . And the double jacket of fire delevery hose is woven by high intensity of polyester filament or polyester short-fiber( twill/plain ).

2.There are special adhesive ( solid or liquid)between the jacket and the hose. The soft and highly polished of lining reduce the flow resistance lead to water flow fast and save time.

3.The fire delivery hose is thinner, softer, lighter and more convenient to roll and take.

4.The double jacket fire delivery hose is  high pressure resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-

corrosion,aging resistance,wear-resisting due to the protecton of double layer.

5.We supply different color lining of fire dilivery hose: blue, black, transparent, etc.

6.We supply different  length of fire delivery  hose: 10m - 40m (according to your requirements)

7.The double jacket fire delivery hose is packed by international standard poly bag (printed) and cartons(marked).

8.The quality of the double jacket is better than others and is guranteed by CCCF, ISO.


Inner tube diameter


Working pressure

Burst pressure
































 Can resistantant to the high pressure, corrosion, abrasion, anti-aging.

High quality and faverable price.

In the low temperature also can keep the flexibility


Application: Can be used in the buildings, mining, water transportation, fire fighting and so on.



1. Small MOQ is accepted.


2.  many colors available, can add new colors to satisfy customer's request


3. light weight, easy to handle than rubber hose


4. OEM accepted


The main sales countries:


Vietnam, Thailand, India, Brazil etc.



1. T/T, L/C and Western Union are accepted

2. Samples charge, 20cm one piece is free, but carrier at your cost

3. For bulk production: 30% advanced down payment, 70% against B/L or before enter warehouse.

Fire hose, canvas garden water hose with couplings for fire fighting equipment


1.Q: How can I get some samples? A:  We are honored to offer you samples for free.

2. Q: Payment Trems:   A:  TT. 30% Deposit, 7% balance against copy B/L.

3. Q: What's your minimum Quantity?
 A: 500pieces/size (Complete fire extinguisher belongs to 2.2class Dangerous Goods,it should be load full container)
4. Q: What's your delivery Time?
 A: 10-35 Days
5. Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control? 
 A: Quality is priority. Safetylife people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end 

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Q:How long is the service life of fire hose, and what standard does it carry out?
To determine whether meet the requirements of fire hose, from the appearance of surface damage / diameter and length and inner material / supporting fire hydrant is aging and other aspects of the specific judgment, can control the national product standard GB 6246-2011 "fire hose";
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22kg 22 litres of water, or 22,000cc. of water per second. Area of hose 78.55cm^2. (22,000/78.55) 280.0764cm/sec., or 2.8m/sec. Area of nozzle 6.606065cm^2. (22,000/6.606065) 3,330.28cm/sec., or 33.3m/sec.
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Q:Is there a definite service life for fire hoses?
1 years need to test once, the service life is 5 years (that is, even once did not use, 5 years later also want to change), because once used fire hose basically can be scrapped.
Q:If one of the arms has its plug unscrewed and there is a hole there does this mean the hydrant is not connected to a water main?Why would a hydrant in a residential neighborhood be disconnected? I assume that the houses in the neighborhood need fire protection just as much as they did when the hydrant was put in. And if the hydrant was an eyesore, why leave it there after it was disconnected from the water source?
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