Municipal Fire Industrial fire hose EPDM lined JACKET FIRE HOSES

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100000 kg/month

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Product Description:

 PVC lined fire hose hose with high quality hose have right price

3. fire hose W.P:0.6Mpa -1.6Mpa

4. SGS, ISO 9001 etc.


PVC lined fire hose

item No.:  SF03CL-WHITE

PVC lined fire hose: 

1. The fire hose jacket is made of polyester staple and filaments or 100% polyester filaments.
2.  The lining can be made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber, pvc or pu . The jacket can be color
polyurethane coated jacket or dyed colored jacket (colors can be orange, yellow,blue and red). The hose resists abrasion. It has bright color, which makesit easy to distinguish. It is mainly used in fire-fighting and shipyards.



Fire Hose Detailed Product Description


1) Advantage:PVC  lining fire hose which is thinner and softer, lighter, much convienient to use.

2) Sizes: 1.2" (32mm), 1.5" (40mm), 2" (50mm), 2.5" (65mm),

    3" (80mm), 4" (100mm)

3) Printing and color of inner PVC/PU/SY rubber: according to your requirements

 Municipal Fire Industrial fire hose EPDM lined JACKET FIRE HOSES

Technical Parameters:



Working Pressure


Testing Pressure


Bursting Pressure




1           25





















1-1/2     40

2           50

2-1/2      65

3           80

3-1/2      90

4           100  

4-1/2     115

5           125

5-1/2     140

6          150


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