• frp cabinet for fire extinguisher, fire bsox, fire fighting cabinet System 1
frp cabinet for fire extinguisher, fire bsox, fire fighting cabinet

frp cabinet for fire extinguisher, fire bsox, fire fighting cabinet

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frp cabinet for fire extinguisher: Light weight , corrosion resistance , impact resistance,aging resistance,and good flexibility

FRP cabinet for fire extinguisher

Composite FRP series products are mainly manufactured using synthetic resin and reinforced with glass fiber. We can supply various frp products, such as frp cabinets, frp bumpers, frp covers.


1) Skillful manufacturing

2) Modern design

3) Corrosion resistance

4) Light weight

5) High intensity

6) Aging resistance

7) Excellent dimension stability

8) Long service life

9) Smooth surface

10) Good flexibility

11) Manufactured using synthetic resin and reinforced with glass fiber.

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