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Estate sales and Auctions getting rid of family possessions. Also, stores that sell new and used vacuum cleaners will have them for sale. New machines are grossly over priced as huge commissions are involved for the sales person.
everytime i vacuum i get the urge to stab somebody
whenever i want to watch tv, that is when people have the urge or feeling to start vacuuming so then i have to blast the volume and the they say I am too loud!!
I am looking for a good price for a store bought vacuum. Nothing too expensive, but something that is great for picking things up. -Light-Weight.-Affordable.-With a hose.
I would suggest you call a Kirby sales office, and ask if they have any reconditioned machines for sale. Not only will you get the best vac on the market, but for a reconditioned machine, you will not pay any more than for a cheaper models new cost. I have one I loaned my son a few years ago, an one I have used for 5-6 years. Both bought second hand for less than $300.00, and both are still going strong. Mine will almost suck the rugs off the floor. I have had every kind you can name, but none was ever this good.
Which make of vacuum is better for it's money?
Kirby is outrageously priced and is not worth half the cost. Same with Rainbo and Rainbo has been tested by Consumer Reports and recieved a very low rating. Sara has posted two different Ph. numbers now without the area code.
You can't vacuum if there's no power, so why would you need the light? You can't get into the corners of the carpet anyhow, so why taunt you by showing you the extra dust?
It's not about being able to see, it's about being able to see better. You may be able to see the dust better with more light. However, if you're at all familiar with the blender-button war of the 1950s, there is another possibility. Blenders got ridiculous in the 50's, advertising 40 different speeds. Honestly, would you use 40 speeds in a blender?. Six are plenty. However, if you're deciding between a blender with 25 speeds and 40 speeds, which are you more likely to buy? I think that the light in the front of the vacuum is a necessity because we're more likely to buy one with a light than without.
My daughter is about 10 days old. Between the friends/family stopping by to see her and the dog I am anxious to resume vacuuming the house. Does anyone have a strategy or time they would suggest to do that?
Do it when there is some one there to hold the baby in case it scares him. Once you know weather or not the baby likes it then you can go from there. My daughter hated the vacuum till she was 3 but my son was never bothered by it, it actually put him to sleep on several occasions.
I think my little brother (almost 20 months old) has Zuigerphobia. I know I'm being stupid, but I'm just curious. Is there a high chance that my brother will grow up with Zuigerphobia or Ligyrophobia? Or will it pass over, like for most people? I don't want him to be in his 30's, hiding in fear of the world.
Lol he will probaly be fine. He is just a little kid who is probaly startled by the loud noises the vacuum makes. As he gets older he will learn it is nothing to be afraid of. In the mean time just vacuum when he is not home
We are moving to a house that has tile in the kitchen and dining room and since I don't want to be just pushing the dust around with my broom anymore I wanted to know which of you use those stick type vacuum cleaners that you use on tile floors and thin carpet. Which work good but are still inexpensive ?? Either corded or cordless .
I think the Miele brooms are the best in the world. Very strong, quiet and can be used for bare floors or rugs.