Fire Safety Product/Canvas Thermoplastic Fire Hose

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3000000 m/month

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:each rolls are coiled into dish shaped into canton box or polybags or according to your requirements
Delivery Detail:within 7 days
Model         DiameterWorking Pressure   (MPa/Bar/Psi)Test Pressure (MPa/Bar/Psi)Bursting Pressure(MPa/Bar/Psi)Length
Inner Dia (inch)Inner Dia (mm)
C 81.540   0.8 / 8/120 1.6/16/240 2.4/24/360 15m-50m
C 101.540   1 / 10/150 2/21/300 3/30/450 15m-50m
C 13125   1.3 / 13/190 2.6/26/380 3.9/39/570 15m-50m
C 162501.6/16/2403.2/32/4804.8/48/72015m-50m


l all polyester single jacketed product

l light weight and compact(approximately half the weight of standard rubber lined single jacket hose)

l highly resistant to most chemicals, petrol products

l erosion, grease, acid, hydrolytic, aging 

l  extreme weather conditions(-60°C to 60°C)  

l smooth inner waterway, yielding an extremely low friction loss for maximum flow

l Easy to roll and carry, good for quick installation and emergence use

l Also can transport water and other chemical solution


l Industrial and municipal fire brigades

l Military

l Marine fire fighting 

l Interior rack and reel hose

l Commercial and civil engineering

l Filed irrigation and garden irrigation

l Also can be used to transport drinking water

Couplings available

Storz couplings & John Morris couplings & American couplings or other type on your request.


Orange,red and black are available or others on your request.


Fire hose manufactured to this specification shall meet and exceed all performance requirements of CCC,ISO9001:2008.

Standard length


Other length on your request.

 Fire Safety Product/Canvas Thermoplastic Fire Hose


1.Do you have QC teams?
 Yeah, sure, our QC team is very important, they will keep the quality control for our products.



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Q:How about the hose sleeve?
Hose reel: hose, generally 25 meters long, diameter 65mm, 19mm of the water gun ends.Hose reel: can be located in the fire hydrant box, can also be located in any other place that can be connected to the water. Look at the water pipes in the park. The form is similar
Q:Are the water and fire water coming from the fire hydrant all the way?
Of course, a pipeline out, fire law stipulates that the water company in the street laying water pipes, at intervals of a fire hydrant should be set
Q:Why is 1/2 pvc pipe actually .6 inch (Inside diameter that is)?
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Q:a tanker discharging fuel by pump and hose, a pump catches fire, fire damages some property, is this neglegenc?
Vinegar diluted with a water, or vinegar alone. Also, bleach and water or Tilex.
Q:What's the diameter of the hydrant?
For fire hydrant diameter, minimum pipe diameter 100, minimum static pressure 0.07MPA, over 100 meters building minimum static pressure 0.15MPA. Fire hose interface specifications: DN65, DN50, interface with the hose of the same size; fire pump combination device body pipeline specifications: DN100, DN150, and the hose interface specifications for DN100 and DN150.
Q:Expiration date on fire extinguisher?
Home Depot and Lowe's carry 4 and 6 diameter hoses. The best thing to do is to replace the supplied hose with one of the Home Depot insulated hoses. They run about $30.00 here in Cali. The reason these insulated hoses are better than the Manufacture supplied plastic hoses is that they eliminate heat being radiated back into the room from the hose walls. This may not seem like a big deal but if you try it, you will notice a difference in your units ability to cool the room. I went with a 6 insulated hose, duct tape and a clamp to secure the larger 6 to the Sharp 5.25 hose connectors.

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