Long operating life fire fighting equipment canvas hose, gardening water pipe

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Product Description:

Factory price Hot sales PVC Fire Hose Reel/Fire Fighting Equipment Fire Hose Reel



pvc fire hose reel price Specification:


Diameter of disc450mm, 470mm, 500mm, 550mm, 585mm, 600mm
Length 15M, 20M, 25M, 30M, 45M, 50M
Side plateSteel with red powder coating, or stainless steel
Central hubFrame and half cylinder
Water wayBrass orginal color or chrome plated
Fire hose19mm, 25mm, 33mm
Spray nozzlePlastic, Brass made
Connection pipe1" x 1M


Description of  pvc fire hose reel price :


A fire hose reel is part of the specialized equipment used to extinguish fires. Firefighters use these 

reels to quickly distribute fire hoses from their equipment trucks at the site of a blaze. Another kind of 

fire hose reel is part of thestandard safety gear in many buildings. Properly used, fire hose reels prevent 

water hoses from tangling and allow the hoses to be carried in any direction. The attached hoses can 

apply water to a blaze even if most of the hose is still wound around the reel.



How To Roll Hose On Reel:

(1)  Lay the hose straight and flat on the ground.

(2)  Fold the hose in half laying flat on the ground so that the couplings are together one above the other. One half 

       is now laying flat on top of the other half.

(3) Roll the hose on the reel, beginning at the folded end that does not contain the couplings. You should end

      with a nozzle and a female coupling.

(4) Attach female coupling to water source so hose is ready for immediate use. Hose must be unrolled 

     before water valve is opened.

Long operating life fire fighting equipment canvas hose, gardening water pipeFAQ

1 normally document

commercial invoice

packing list

certificated or original

original b/l

2 other special documents

the documents might be requested from special country ,and would caused extra money from the issue Government , our price not included inside

Saudi Arab : SASO

Egypt: CIQ or embassy

or any other insection from ITS , SGS if you country requested

Delivery time

1.normal delivery time : 15-25days after get down payment

2.if single items we takes less time :10-20days ,please contact and confirm with us once your confirmed the quantities of the order

Color :

fire extinguisher use 7325 or RAL 3000 , our photo in website color might little difference from the actually since the light ,photo treatment problem .  please find our details in the description

Shipping special notice :

6KG abc dry chemical powder fire fighting equipment with ISO certificate be regard as Dangerous cargo,Glass 2.2 ,IMO1044 , and force to shipped as dangerous cargo by IMO Maritime Safety Committee under terms of IMO1044 ,the sea freight normally higher USD 200-300 per 20Feet container

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If you damaged fire hoses and cut tires then you may experience some harsh treatment, messing with fire hoses is a serious offense.
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The hose reel must be used by a trained fireman or a fireman, because the momentum is great, and some of them reach 50mh2o, and the average person is unstableFire hydrant must be equipped with hose reel. Hose reel can not match, but can match as much as possible, because it is convenient to fire
Q:Is there a definite service life for fire hoses?
1 years need to test once, the service life is 5 years (that is, even once did not use, 5 years later also want to change), because once used fire hose basically can be scrapped.
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