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Yes, nursery trays typically come with a bottom tray for water collection.
Is it true that if you microwave food in plastic, or if you drink warm water from a plastic bottle, that you could get breast cancer?
No documented scientific evidence exists that anyone has ever gotten breast cancer eating microwaved food or drinking warm water from a plastic bottle. The only thing you've heard is rumors and guessing . . think for a minute . .how many people do you know who eat microwaved food or have taken drinks from a plastic bottle . . and how many of them got cancer from it? Know anyone?
Are they good for your teeth or are the conventional brushes better than the plastic bristles?
Most all toothbrushes have plastic bristles whether it a conventional or electric brush. As long as the bristles are soft they are fine for your teeth and gums. Using a hard toothbrush or a lot of pressure when you brush can cause your gums to be brushed away which is called recession, or your teeth to wear away which is called abrasion. The reason plastic is used it that is it easily and uniformly manufactured. Natural bristle brushes are an option but I wouldn't recommend them. Hope that helps! JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
When choosing ground cover for a sloping garden, it is important to consider factors such as erosion control, water drainage, and maintenance. Opt for plants with deep roots that can anchor the soil and prevent erosion. Ground covers that spread quickly and densely can help reduce weed growth and provide good coverage. Additionally, selecting plants that are drought-tolerant and can handle varying sun exposures will ensure their resilience on a sloping terrain.
Yes, agricultural plastic products can be used for pond lining. Agricultural plastic films, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or low-density polyethylene (LDPE), are commonly used for lining ponds as they offer excellent water retention and durability. These plastic products help prevent water seepage, conserve water, and provide a protective barrier for the pond.
Some popular types of ground cover include grass, moss, clover, ivy, and creeping thyme.
Hello, is there a type of plastic I can buy that I could melt and pour into a mold? Thanks.
I've cast a few resin pieces, and it works well. GOOD LUCK
Yes, ground cover plants can definitely be used to create a natural-looking border along fences. They provide a low-growing, dense coverage that can soften the hard edges of fences and blend them with the surrounding landscape. Ground cover plants come in various colors, textures, and heights, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit your desired aesthetic. Additionally, they can help control soil erosion, suppress weeds, and provide habitat for beneficial insects, making them both functional and visually appealing for a natural border.