Non Negative Pressure Water Supply Equipment

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Product Description:

Non Negative Pressure Water Supply Equipment

Product Description

WFYGS no negative pressure booster steady flow water supply equipment  can take the place of reservoir, which can make full use of tap water pipe network pressure water supply or water relay directly, to avoid the secondary pollution and energy waste, greatly saves the infrastructure investment and shorten the construction period. It is composed of frequency conversion control cabinet, instrument, steady flow tank, pump, valve, base and connection pipe, etc, applies to a tap water pipe network, need to increase the water pressure, constant liu to the water supply system.

Product features:

1. Section, energy conservation significantly

2. Simple and practical

3. Easy installation, management

4. Functions, safety

5. Advanced and reliable in quality

6. Configuration, unique

Environmental conditions:

1.The environment temperat : 5-40°c

2.Air relative humidity :≤85%

3.Meduim temperature: 4-70°c

4.Supply voltage:380v

Technology Parameters:


Lift head:30-200m

Working pressure :0-2.7MPa;

Temperature range:≤80°C;

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Q:Water pump leak? *URGENT*?
*shakes magic ball* I think its the heater control valve.
Q:Why can't vertical water pump use spring shock absorber?
Vertical pump power is small, the weight is limited, the pipeline vibration is limited, the general rubber shock absorber will be enough. It's no use. I'm sure you can't use the spring shock absorber.General construction, 7,5KW below is rubber shock absorber, above is spring shock absorber
Q:97 silverado 5.7L water pump replacement?
sounds like a plan. You probably need to remove the fan shroud, yes. Dont forget to reinstall the lower hose before filling up with coolant
Q:Well Water Pump?
It will take a few days, you need to get a filtration system installed too. No matter what you need good filters in your pump house.
Q:how does a water feature pump work?
Hi. Most pumps work by squeezing the water through a nozzle. A water feature pump is usually hidden from view but still works the same way as any other pump. A motor turns the device that pushed the water.
Q:How to replace water pump on a 93' Mustang 5.0?
sable wasn't a real bad car for the most part. Personally I am not a ford man but if the vehicle has buckets of rust and lots of miles then yes this water pump is the sign of what's to come. Breakdowns that is.
Q:My water pump was leaking and replaced. Now the AC does not work and it was working fine before.?
Ac Water Pump Not Working
Q:how to remove the water pump on a 1995 dodge intrepid 3.5l engine?
On a '95 Intrepid equipped with the 3.5L 24-valve V6, the timing belt needs to be removed to access the water pump. The water pump itself only has three bolts securing it to the block. To access the timing belt, only requires removing the A/C compressor belt, and then the alternator/power steering pump belt, if I recall correctly. The trickiest part of the job will be re-installation. The timing belt tensioner is located on the bottom right/front corner of the engine, which requires being compressed and held with a paper clip. I wouldn't recommend this as a do-it-yourself type job if you do not know how to re-time the engine.
Q:Need a new water pump, should i get an electric?
Get.the.normal hose then think bout what you need to do
Q:Is my water pump going bad?
LOOK on internet! WHAT SIZE IS ENGEIN HERE! FOur, five, six, eight yidner from WHAT COMPANY! NOBODY can answer thsi question for you without MORE DETAILS! THANX!

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