Non-Negative Pressure Water Supply System

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Product Description:

Performance of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System

Flow Range:5-1500m3/h

Head Range:5-500m

Power Range:1.1-250KW


Material:Cast Iron,Stainless Steel

Work Pressure:<1.6Mpa

Products Overview of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System
1. no negative pressure (no suction) automatic water supply equipment directly use the municipal pipeline network as water source, forming a continuous airtight relay pressurization water supply patterns, completely avoid lowering the water quality caused by the traditional secondary pressurization water supply system, completely ensure the water quality of the municipal water. 
2. make full use of municipal water pressure itselfe, make up the pressure difference, effectively and maximize the frequency conversion effect. 
3. traditional secondary pressurized water supply way, the water is tapped into reservoir, which leads to original pressure wasted and reduces the neighboring user pressure, while this equipment directly fill pressure to original water pressure, so as to realize the optimal limited pressurization, guarantee the adjacent pipe pressure was not affected. 

Performance Characteristics of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System
1, directly connected with the municipal pipeline, no reservior needed. 
2, small volume, occupies little space, convenient installation. 
3, water tank, pumps are made of stainless steel, no secondary pollution. 
5, the water pressure is steady, won't cause adjacent user pipe pressure fluctuations. 
6, automatic operation, can unattended. 
7, protection function is well-found, the fault automatically alarmed. 
8, make full use of the original water pressure, make up pressure difference, high efficiency and energy saving. 
When the municipal pipeline is high-pressure, equipment in stop condition, municipal water goes directly to the user network through the by-pass pipe. 
When the municipal pipeline is low pressure, equipment automatic starts the pump on the basis of original municipal water pressure, carries on the variable frequency speed regulation pressurization water supply. 

Technical Parameters of Non-negative Pressure Water Supply System
Water flow: 0-1500 M3 / H 
Head: 0-500M 
Control motor power: 0.75-1500KW 
Water supply number: 10-10,000 households 
Pressure control range: 0.15-1.6 MPa 
The average energy saving rate: 30-60 percent 
The control principle: sine wave PWM or space vector SVPWM 
Operation mode: single pump or multiple pump automatically switch 
Control mode: programmable and PID control 
Overload ability: 150% 60 seconds 
Protection function: Soft start, diagnostic display and protection function of over-voltage, phase lack, covert, undervoltage, broken road, instantly blackout, short-circuit, etc. 

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Q:Can centrifugal pumps be idle? What's the status of the empty transfers?
It burns and seals when idling. The individual thinks that it can be indirectly reacted according to the pressure change in the pipeline, and the electric contact pressure gauge can be installed on the suction pipe
Q:What is the water pump population pre rotation, what harm?
Is the entrance of water flow in the formation of complex turbulent flow, flow direction, shock, vibration, easy to damage the front entrance device, such as vane impeller, shaft sleeve, sealing element.
Q:water pump?
There could be alot of causes to water lose and slight elevation in temp. If the water pump is leaking most often you will see sings of it at the water pump. Also you may want to check the oil. I know it sounds crazy but see if the oil is a whitish color. You may have a blown head gasket and could be leaking water into the cylinders from the water jackets in the head. Hope that helps. Also check the ground after the car has been sitting and running. If you see water look up from the ground to see if you can locate the leak.
Q:My '97 Pontiac Grand Prix is leaking the water we put into it from underneath the car. Is it the water pump?
If the leak is on the passenger side of the car (near the tire) then it is most likely your water pump. It is driven by the serpentine belt that drives most of the visible components on the passenger side of the engine. (power steering, A/C, Alternator etc) To check it, you need to look UNDER the water pump, it has a weep hole. If this small (1/8) hole is wet, or shows signs of having been leaking (like discoloration or rust) then your waterpump seals or bearings are going. The unit must be replaced. This should also fix your over heating problems. If the leak is near the back-center of the engine, then it may be a frost plug (also called a freeze plug) these are designed to pop if the enging coolant freezes to prevent damage to the engine block, they can also be opened if the engine over heats. Be careful when replacing this plug, if you drive it INTO the engine, you will have to dismantle the engine to get it out again. On the plus side, you can get rubber plugs that are easy to install and quite inexpensive. I'd place the water pump as the most likely problem.
Q:Solar Panels and Water Pumps?
The key is, as 96sentra says, where does the water have to go. We would need to know how high above bucket (minimum) water level will the other end of the hose be, and how fast (Liter or gallon per minute) shall the water flow. This determines the pump type, which in turn determines the solar panel size.
Q:How do you replace a water pump in a 1995 Toyota Camry?
Camry Water Pump
Q:water pump not working?
I'm unfamiliar with the workings of that engine. Have you bled all of the air out? It wouldn't be the first time a new part is faulty. Don't assume that just because it is new, that it is working. Unlikely as it is, it is possible that the new water pump is faulty.
Q:What's so good about having a water pump on my stand alone ice maker?
I imagine there is also a filtration system on the ice maker so you get clean filtered chilled water on tap instead of buying bottled water or waiting for a filter jug to do its work.Though I find tap water cold enough and tastes ok
Q:Timing belt and water pump change?
I always suggest at same time. Most timing belt jobs are 4-5 hour jobs and all of that has to be removed to replace the water pumpp, which could be in a week a month or a year (roll the dice) it doesn't usually take much if any additional labor to replace the pump when everything else is out of the way usually just the cost of the pump itself. if you wait and say a month later the water pump goes out you would have the expense of the pump AND ALL THE LABOR AGAIN.
Q:Three phase water pump rated power 4000W, is three-phase working water pump, the voltage is 380V, how to find the three-phase pump current, and calculation of public
Three phase water pump motor rated power 4000W is the output shaft power, divided by the motor efficiency (general 85%) is the input power, which is often mistaken. The electric power is =4000/0.85=4706WRated current = electric power /1.732x, rated voltage x, power factor =4706/1.732x380x0.8=8.94A (assuming power factor 0.8).The above three answers are all wrong.

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