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CDL Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

CDL Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

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3000 unit/month

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1. Performance of CDL Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

Flow Range:1-200m3/h

Head Range:11-200m

Power Range:0.37-110KW


Material:Stainless Steel 304,316

Work Pressure:<1.6mpa< span="">

2. Introduction of CDL Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal PumpsNon self-priming type vertical multistage centrifugal pump, the motor is directly connected with the pump through shaft couplings, impeller guide vane is made of stamping stainless steel plate or precision casting stainless steel, smooth surface , hydraulic flow loss is small, and easily for cleaning, is very favorable for conveying pure medium. Pump inlet and outlet in a straight line(can be equipped with IEC or NEMA motor). 

3. Operating Conditions of CDL Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
Thin, clean, non inflammable and explosive liquid not containing solids or fiber. 
The liquid temperature: normal temperature type - 15 ºC to 70 ºC hot water type to + 120 ºC 
Environmental temperature: highest + 40 ºC 
Height: highest 1000m 

4. Motor Introduction of CDL Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
Motor is fully enclosed, air-cooled type 2 pole standard motors. 
Protection grade: IP55 
Insulation grade: F 
Standard voltage: 1Ph 220-230/240V 
3Ph 200-220/346-380V 
3Ph 220-240/380-415V 
3Ph 380-415V 

5. Typical Applications of CDL Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps
Water supply: water filtration and conveying, waterworks water supply, pipe pressurization, high-rise building pressurization. 
Industrial pressurization: process water system, cleaning system, high pressure flushing system, fire control system. 
Industrial liquid transportation: cooling and air conditioning system, the boiler feed water and condensation system, machine tool accessory, acid and alkali. 
Water treatment: ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis system, distillation system, separator. 
Irrigation: farm irrigation, sprinkler, drip.

6. FAQ

1>  Can I get trained on CNBM products?

Yes, we provide training courses in our factory (products, general and specific pump technology, hydraulics, and practical applications). Please consult your sales manager or get in touch with our headquarters for more information.

2> Are your pumps cheaper than those of your competitors?

CNBM aims to give its customers the highest standards of quality and service and delivery times, all at a reasonable price.

3>  How long is your warranty?

Unless otherwise expressly authorized in writing, by specifying a longer period or different conditions, CNBM states that, for a period of twelve (12) months from delivery date, all Products supplied are free from defects in materials and workmanship, and conform to the applicable specifications. Either the delivery documentation or the invoice must be provided to prove delivery date. In absence of such documents, the production date appearing on the product label may suffice.

CDL Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

CDL Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

Q:I switched on the pump and smoke came out of it, i opened the pump n found it hadsome water probably caused the shock. How to repair it or is it dead?? ** its not a wellpump just a normal one that pump the water to the tank from a small reserve
All electrical things work on smoke - once the smoke escapes then they don't work. Seriously if water got into the works it’s probably burned out and needs to be replaced - having the motors rebuilt on these things usually costs more than a new one. More details click the following link…
Q:How do I change the water pump in my 1998 ford mustang manual v6?
If you don't already know how to do it, then take it to a shop to have it done by the professionals. If you insist on trying it yourself, buy a Chilton's manual for your car, do some online research (with pictures), and buckle down. You will need to loosen the belts, remove the belts, remove the water pump, replace it, and reinstall everything. You will need to make sure that the belt is routed the correct way, or BOOM! You might also want to replace the timing belt while you're in there. It makes sense to replace it if you already are removing it, and the timing belt is something you can't afford to have go bad on you.
Q:Can the water from the fire pump enter the roof fire tank? Why?
Here is the concept of "fire water tank", if the roof has fire water tank, fire pump should be able to roof fire water tank water supply, as long as there is sufficient pressure on the line. However, if the roof water tank is only a living water tank, the fire pump is not started, this is the two pipelines.
Q:What are some good brands of aquarium water pumps? I have had bad experiances with Hydor Seltz (cheapest ones I could find, ugg, I know, you get what you pay for) pumps, failing very quickly, and sounding like plastic gears grinding around inside. What is the best kind to get?I need one that's around 150gph
i have a topfin that works well for me.
Q:Hello online mechanics! You guys have saved me a lot of money on my car, so now I have a new question! I have a 97 Ford Contour and lately since it's been cool in NJ, I've been hearing a tapping coming from the timing belt cover, but when the car warms up, there's no sound. I took the car to my mechanic and he says that I need to have the timing belt replaced, the pulleys adjusted, and the water pump changed. The price for doing the timing belt was $400 (including adjusting the pulleys) and $700 for the timing and the water pump. My question is ; do I need to do the water pump? He says that if you do the timing belt, that you should do the water pump too, but should I if there's nothing wrong with it ( as far as I know) and I'm not looking for the added expense? I thought if it ain't broke don't fix it still applies to things, or am I mistaken? Thanks guys gals! In these tough economic times, I'm not looking to spend any more than is necessary!
Hi if it was one of my customers i would recommend the water pump as in cases they have failed 500miles after the belt change.. especally on older cars 10yrz + its up to realy can you afford it are you weilling to gamble and pay the 700 anyway if it fails in the future...
Q:I have never had to deal with this and I am probably worrying about nothing but every time I run water, even for a second, the pump starts clicking on and off. Is it supposed to do it with every little thing? Every time the toilet flushes, or the water gets turned on to wash hands it goes off and keeps constantly going off until the water is shut off. Is this what it's supposed to do?
No, sounds like tank is water logged. Turn off pump, drain tank, replace plug and prime pump. It needs air to pressurize, water don't compress. hope this is a quick fix for you.
Q:I have a 1997 mercedes 320e and it is leaking very bad. I need a temporary fix for the water pump, so that I can take it to the repair shop that is 10 min. away.
fill the radiator and reservoir tank completely and leave the cap loose on the first click so the system doesn't build pressure drive to shop when least amount of traffic and weather is cooler
Q:I have a deep tropical fish tank, my three in one pump is 15 watts, if I put it in the middle of the active oxygen bubbling tank can function, everything is normal, but not very good filtering, can not clean up the garbage at the bottom of the tank. So they put the pump a little deeper, but at this time the pump does not bubble, the oxygen supply in the pipe there is water, atmospheric pressure can not enter, but still can pump water filter, so that the pump itself harmful? Will the pump burn out? This question is very important to me. Please help my brothers and sisters downstairs. I will thank you for my dear tropical fish
First tell you the pump not bad, just can't carry oxygen rinse, now he is equivalent to a 2 in a filter of the submersible pump, without any damage to the pump itself, three in one pump is actually in the 2 water outlet and air pipe, pressure by fluid flow is the principle of position the smaller the air drag, now a large pressure, oxygen loss of function, but the pump itself, his work without any change, so do not burn, rest assured it
Q:Earlier today I was driving and my car shut off at a stop sign. I got it to start again and it shut off at the next stop sign, so after a few minutes I got it to start again and immediately pulled over as there was a small amount of smoke coming from under my hood. The temp gauge didn't say it was overheating, but I think it mightve been stuck, because that had to be what happened. After sitting there for a while it started and stayed that way for a while, I let the engine run. I drove it to the gas station and put some coolant directly in the radiator and the resevoir, and almost all of it leaked right out. I started to drive it home and had to pull over about 6 times to let it cool down because it kept overheating( temp gauge showed it this time). I think its the water pump that is leaking, but I know very little about cars, and was wondering if it could be anything else? Also, the heater wasn't working in the car today at all.
This Site Might Help You. RE: water pump leaking? 99 dodge neon? Earlier today I was driving and my car shut off at a stop sign. I got it to start again and it shut off at the next stop sign, so after a few minutes I got it to start again and immediately pulled over as there was a small amount of smoke coming from under my hood. The temp gauge didn't say it...
Q:In the design specifications, for example, the water pump requirement is two. What does that mean? Can 3 pumps be opened at once?
Use 2 units and reserve 1 units. You can open 2 at the same time. Can three drive at the same time, depending on your water pipe layout, whether there are three sets of pipes, yes, three units open at the same time.

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