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When the water pump is started, why should it start when the outlet valve is closed? Thank you
When the valve is closed, the flow of the pump is close to zero, the power of the pump is very small, which reduces the load that the motor starts to bear and has a protective effect on the motor. Therefore, the valve closed to start the pump.
How many kilograms of water pump are there in the automatic washing machine on the market?
High pressure pump pressure can reach 4--8kg, flow 5 liters, work current 4 or so.
Bolus dosage of infusion pumpWhat is the purpose of the pill dose control in the special safety standard for infusion pumps? If the risk is not properly controlled, what is the degree of risk? And how can the open infusion pump be used in this regard?
(three) infusion limited number of pills produced after the dose of obstruction by infusion pump and specification of the matching test, will reach acceptable when the storage pressure of the pressure to determine the alarm blocking. Thus, some have restrictions on the infusion tube blocked after the maximum dose pill may have blocked the trigger before the alarm.
Hydraulic pump displacement refers to the pump shaft what?
You can see the sign of your hydraulic pump. There will be a displacement **ml/r in the sign of the hydraulic pump (r stands for every turn, ML is milliliter)
Water pump outlet valve sequence
In order to prevent the generation of water hammer when the pump stops the damage to the rubber head, should be immediately set rubber head pump outlet, the gate valve and the check valve is not a very convincing reason to decide the order of habits in our hospital order rubber head, check valve, gate valve1. Check valve located in front of the pump, I do not know what the significance is too great to think of.2. The actual installation sequence shall be: soft fittings, check valves, gate valves. The pressure gauge is best installed on the water outlet of the pump, but it must be in front of the check valve.Reason: 1) the soft joint is used to reduce vibration. The connection between the pump and the piping system, of course.2) normal work, the gate valve is not operating, and the check valve is frequent action, so the probability of maintenance is larger, when the maintenance of the pump closed, the water outlet valve can be maintained without affecting the normal operation of the system.3) the pressure gauge is installed in the check valve, which can prevent the impact and damage of water hammer on the pressure gauge.
Which nuclear submarines use the shaftless pump technology?
Shaftless pumping technology and Simulation of shark skin technology are all the next generation of submarine propulsion technology. At present, there is no submarine in the world.
Roots pump and dry pumpRecently involved in the work of the vacuum pump, don't understand this, is a ads602 vacuum pump, composed of roots pump and dry pump, is pre pumped to the 500mtorr equipment, the main pumping vacuum continues to 10mtorr, where the roots pump and dry pumps must be used? What role they play respectively. The so-called dry pump? Is refers to one kind of the pump, the pump is many dry pump? Also do not understand how the work of automatic switching system for pre pumping, the main pump, pump work alone did not connect system ah (of course there are even a butterfly) teach?
Different working conditions, our company does dry claw pump alone can also achieve the vacuum of 133 PA.
What is the liquid pump? What are their categories? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
The air driven liquid pump adopts compressed air driving method, and has the following advantages:The pressure can be adjusted by manual pressure control valve or air control valveIt is driven by air and is especially suitable for explosion protection applicationsAble to achieve pre-set final pressureAutomatic pressure relief by pumpLong term conservation without consuming energyWhen holding pressure, medium will not overheatThe utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and low maintenance cost, and only needs to connect the gas source, the inlet pipeline and the pressure pipelineReliable operation, low maintenance cost and little noise at the time of operation