• S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump System 1
  • S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump System 2
S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump

S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump

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1. Structure of S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump Description

The fiberglass centrifugal pump combines the motor and the pump components as a whole, relatively compact, easy to install with small power. It is mainly used in petrochemical, smelting, dyes, printing and dyeing, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, rare earth, fertilizer and other industries. The fiberglass centrifugal pump can transport slightly solid particles, not easy to crystallize. This pump is the essential ideal equipment for the corrosive media like some non-oxidation acid of not more than 100(some acid temperature can reach 120).

2. Main Features of S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump

•The products’ performance reaches the requirement of the trade standard JB/T8688-1998” plastic centrifugal pump”.

•Standardizing design, beautiful and dignified contour, reasonable and compact structure, universal parts and components, strong mutual changeableness.

•Optimum design of hydraulic model through Computer enables energy saving and high-efficiency

•Wetted components adopt phenolic fiberglass, through shaping under the conditions of high temperature and hot pressure, it has high strength and strong anti-corrosive performance.

•Axis sealing adopts Teflon mechanical sealing of outer-installing type with anti-strong corrosion and has extensively suitable scope with simple and reliable sealing.

•Single installation and convenient maintenance

3.  S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump image

S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump

S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump

4.  S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump Specification\

S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump

S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump

S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump

S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump

S Type anti-corrosive fiberglass centrifugal pump




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Motor capacity

























































5. Instructions

• The motor's revolving direction should be in conformity with the direction of pump's revolving direction pan. In order to protect pump from being damaged due to revolging in opposite direction, please first trial the revolving direction with hand to confrim the correct direction, then start the pump.

• Before starting, make the pump to be full of liquid; strictly forbid using concentrated acid.

• Don't allow pump idling without liquid, otherwise, the sealing end surface will be damaged due to dry friction. 

Q:What are the meanings of the vacuum pump, the front pump and the main pump?
The main pump and the front pump with the general vacuum unitThe front pump can be understood as a mechanical pump. It can be used by itself, but the pumping rate or the vacuum can not meet the requirements. In this case, we add a booster pump
Q:What is a gear pump for?
Gear oil pump is through a pair of parameters and the same structure of the involute gear of each other rolling meshing, the tank of low pressure oil to work can do the important parts of high pressure oil. A power unit that converts the mechanical energy of an engine into hydraulic energy. The engine is prone to the following faults during its use.
Q:Must the water pump in the tank be all soaked in water?
Need a submersible pump in the water, but it is not entirely like this, I have to work for a long time no problem in water, but there is a problem you should pay attention to the water pump, at least in half, or stop when the smoke is not on water.
Q:What's the difference between a concrete pump and a concrete pump truck?
Concrete pump and concrete pump truck are concrete conveying machinery, use the same, but the former need to transport and car towing need additional support pipeline, the locomotive body and arm extends freely, without pipeline, hundreds of thousands of millions of the former, the latter
Q:What are the parts of a pump? How do you classify it?I just want to know
Before opening the pump suction pipes and pumps must be filled with water. Open the pump, the impeller rotating speed, which leaves the liquid together with the rotation under the action of centrifugal force, the left outside impeller injection, injection of the liquid in the pump shell gradually slow the spread of indoor speed, the pressure gradually increased, and then from the pump outlet. The outflow discharge tube. At this time, in the leaves at the center of the vacuum area of low pressure liquid was thrown to the surrounding formation there is no air and no liquid, liquid pool at the surface of the liquid under the action of atmospheric pressure, through the suction pipe into the pump, the liquid is continuously pumped up from the liquid pool is also continuous outflow from the discharge pipe.Mainly by the impeller, pump shell, pump shaft, bearings and packing sealing devices and other components
Q:Roots pump and dry pumpRecently involved in the work of the vacuum pump, don't understand this, is a ads602 vacuum pump, composed of roots pump and dry pump, is pre pumped to the 500mtorr equipment, the main pumping vacuum continues to 10mtorr, where the roots pump and dry pumps must be used? What role they play respectively. The so-called dry pump? Is refers to one kind of the pump, the pump is many dry pump? Also do not understand how the work of automatic switching system for pre pumping, the main pump, pump work alone did not connect system ah (of course there are even a butterfly) teach?
Here the roots pump and dry pump must be used, because the roots pump is not used alone, and must be a stage vacuum pump (pre vacuum pump can be dry pump, water ring vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump can be, you here with dry pump series)
Q:What is the displacement of the pump? Flow? What is the volume efficiency and mechanical efficiency of the pump?
Displacement of a pump: the volume of the discharged liquid calculated by the change in the size of the sealing geometry for each revolution of the hydraulic pump
Q:Hydraulic pump displacement refers to the pump shaft what?
You can see the sign of your hydraulic pump. There will be a displacement **ml/r in the sign of the hydraulic pump (r stands for every turn, ML is milliliter)
Q:How can I buy a pump?
3 、 mechanical requirements of high reliability, low noise, vibration.4, the correct calculation of pump procurement costs, the pump manufacturer to inspect, requiring good quality equipment, good after-sales service, spare parts can be timely supply.The micro pump and the motive of the mechanical energy or other external energy transmitted to the liquid, the liquid energy increase, mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, alkali liquid, emulsion, suspension emulsion and liquid metal, but also transport liquid, gas mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids.The technical parameters of pump performance include flow, suction, lift, shaft power, water power, efficiency and so on.
Q:Brief description of centrifugal pump on / off operation
(3) check whether the turning rotor is easy and flexible, check the pump body is clang or friction sound.(4) the protective cover is installed, and the shield contact.(5) clean the pump frame and do a good job of sanitation.(6) open the inlet valve, make the liquid full of pump body, open the vent valve, clean the air and close it. If the hot oil pump, it is not allowed to open the air valve exhaust, to prevent hot oil channeling spontaneous combustion, if there is a dedicated vent pipes and tanks, you can vent the pipe line air and cold oil.(7) the hot oil pump should be preheated slowly before starting. Especially in winter, the pump body and the pipe should be preheated at the same time, so that the temperature difference between the pump body and the conveying medium is below 50 centigrade.(8) the oil must be sufficiently dehydrated before being introduced into the oil pump.

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