Double Suction Split Casing Centrifugal Pump Unit

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1000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Double Suction Split Casing Centrifugal Pump Unit

It is one of the new generation sewage pump ,which designed base oninternational advanced
technology,advanced in energysaving,high efficiency,wrapped proof,non clogged,auto
installation and control,have excellent performance for medium contains particles and

Working Condition
1. Medium temperature can not exceed 60degree normally.
2. S.G:1.0-1.3kg/dm3
3. PH:5-9

Mainly apply to delivery sewage water ,waster water and rain water contains solids and
*municipal project
*building construction
*residential area
*industrial sewage treatment
*eviroment protect

1. Hydraulic design with wide flow-path non-clogged structure ,allowed fibres(3 times
length of inlet diameter),particles(30% size of inlet diameter )
2. Excellent design,high efficiency and energy saving .
3. Double mechnical seals in series,made of hard alloy corrosive proof silicon
carbide,which is durable and .wearable ,that enable pump safely operation for more
than 8000 hours continous.
4. Compact structure, small volume, easy moved and conveniently mounted , no need build
pump house, greatly reduct the cost.


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Q:water pump is bad?
my water pump dont make any noise. maybe its the belt.
Q:Water pump belongs to power equipment or mechanical equipment?
Mechanical equipment, right?. The motor is only transmitting power to the pump, and no other device is available.
Q:chrysler sebring water pump?
Well, you will have to pull the belt for the car. Most likely will have to pull the alternator, power steering, ac compressor, and many other parts that are in the way. On an scale from one to ten and ten being the hardest, 4. If you have minimal knowledge, mechanic time.
Q:Replacing water pump and heater...?
true. is this hot water heater and pump? rarely do both go bad at once. A hot water heater is 2-300 and install is maybe 150. get an HVAC tech for an opinion. don't take one person's word for anything in which they stand to make a profit.
Q:Water pump on engine! A sure sign to fix or replace?
any water pump leak can be fatal to an engine, replace asap
Q:Could a broken water pump cause hydrocarbons to appear in coolant?
leaky water pump would cause overheating. *overheating* would cause a chamber gasket sealing issue. so it's not the pump that caused the coolant to fail the contamination test. it's collateral damage to chamber sealing caused by the overheat condition as a result of a bad water pump. the real Q here is the type of engine. we've no idea what that is or the yr/make/model of the platform. some engines have oil and coolant passages on the intake manifold. even if those passages are blind. so in the end, it could be an intake or head gasket that took a hit after the overheat condition. -------- cost effective to fix? couldn't tell ya. that would be determinded by the condition/value of the platform, and what all took collateral damage and cost of what needs to be done. since there's no vehicle or engine info, that can only be determined by you and a diagnostic tech of your choosing.
Q:What is the purpose of providing recirculation line & balance leak off line for a boiler feed water pump?
The feed pumps for most power plants are multistage centrifugal pumps. They have a minimum flow requirement or the balancing forces of the various impellers are lost and the pump is damaged. A recirculation line permits a minimum flow to be maintained at all times. It goes back to the deaerator so the boiler feedwater is not lost. Note: many of these pumps have the recycle automated so it is only in operation at very low flow rates. The leak off from the balancing line is recycled for the same reason.
Q:Why does my pool/water-fountain pump shut off?
Contrary to another poster's reply, if it were an electrical problem and there was a larger than acceptable load (draw) on the electrical system, the breaker switch would click off as the amperage from the pump or wiring would create too great a draw. That is what breaker switches are for. It is likely that you have a vacuum leak or something plugging a line. Check the filter basket ... check the pool water return lines from the pool to the pump. Bleed air out of the filter. If those don't work, it would be time to call a pool service.
Q:how to change a water pump on a 99 ford tauras?
Removal Disconnect battery ground cable . Drain engine cooling system. Loosen four water pump pulley retaining bolts while drive belts are still tight. Remove drive belt . Remove the drive belt tensioner. Disconnect and remove heater water hose from water pump. Remove engine control sensor wiring from locating stud bolt. Remove 11 water pump to engine retaining bolts. Lift water pump and water pump pulley up and out of vehicle. Installation CAUTION: Use care when scraping as aluminum gouges easily which may form leak paths. NOTE: Lightly oil all bolt and stud bolt threads with Motor Oil before installation except those specifying special sealant. Clean gasket surfaces on water pump and engine front cover. Position a new water pump housing gasket on water pump sealing surface using Gasket and Trim Adhesive or equivalent to hold the water pump housing gasket in place. NOTE: Apply Pipe Sealant with Teflon ® to bolt No. 3 (as illustrated) prior to installation. With water pump pulley loosely positioned on water pump hub, align water pump to engine front cover and install retaining bolts. Tighten retaining bolts as follows: No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 to 20-30 Nm (15 -22 lb-ft). No. 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 to 8-12 Nm (71-106 lb-in). Install engine control sensor wiring to locating stud bolt (FFV only). Hand-tighten water pump pulley retaining bolts. Install drive belt tensioner . Install the drive belt Tighten water pump pulley retaining bolts to 20-30 Nm (15-22 lb-ft). Install heater water hose . Clamp securely. Fill and bleed engine cooling system. Connect battery ground cable . Start engine and check for coolant and oil leaks.
Q:2001 Intrepid 2.7, water pump & timing chain?
I also own a 2001 Intrepid and recently had a water pump go bad which also broke my timing chain. The pieces of aluminum you found are probably valves or valve springs from the head. Mine broke every vavle and spring on one head when my engine jumped time and a few more on the other head that is probably what your seeing. Also you don't want to check for compression by turning the crank manually. It is an expensive job to fix but the cars are great but I wouldn't spend too much on them because they only go for about $3000-3700 in great condition nowadays. Good Luck

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