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A variety of models

Clip type feeding machine, NC (NC) roller feeding machine, three in one air feedingmachine, automatic feeding machine, gear replacement type feeding machine...... The characteristics of NC servo feeding machine feeding roller:

Feeding the high accuracy: in view of the high tech industry comes to the computer closedfeedback control, to ensure the accuracy of + within 0.02mm.

Phase type feeding machine: it can input 20 groups of length of feeding different, eachproviding 999 times to satisfy the processing and production of special products (optional).

Humanization of the manual mode: enter a suitable 3 section of manual speed, let users more easy to operate, the materials into the mould and precise positioning.

Loosen the device efficiency: with punch cam signal and simple material thicknessadjustment, you can quickly set the release angle.

Feeding length setting: in the control panel, direct input feeding length, can achieve the required transmission distance.

The feeding mechanism: roller adopts a hollow, light weight and rotary inertia is small, the surface hardness of HRC60 degrees of hard chromium plating, wear resistance, long life.

Clip type feeding machine characteristics of [1]

The utility model has the advantages:

It is applicable to the requirements of high speed machining, and the need of feeding high precision. (per minute feeding highest can amount to 1200 times)

When the machine runs, silent, does not result in workplace noise.

The surface of the material will not leave any impression, can make the punchingelectroplating material alloy, stainless steel, copper or two engineering firms get washedmanufactured goods, the most perfect.

All adjustments are used book carving style, simple operation, good stability. Any personcan operate it body is integrally formed, can avoid the resonance generated when punching, and the influence of feeding precision.

Clip type feeding machine

New operation (or design) Description: the plate thickness adjustment only according to thematerial thickness can be rotated characterization.

Loosen the adjustment device only in accordance with the mold guide pin position to rotate the characterizations can be.

Feeding length with the crank eccentricity (can also be used to adjust the block mode)

The top plate of pressure type (pressure adjustable)

Insert material, the upper and lower plates by pressure air pressure valve manually switch to the operation of opening and closing. Lubrication system adopts automatic cycle oil feeding system, the transmission gear, a fixed seat driving device, other bearing part aremandatory cycle immersion oil, reduce the abrasion of the components to prolong its service life and can be a long time in high temperature work.

Feeder supply characteristics of NC CNC roller

The material suitable for different thickness, different length of the feed processing;

Not suitable for high speed and long size of feeding, improve productivity and feed accuracy;

Learn the simple operation, equipped with feeding length and speed of feeding the keydigital code, the operator can be arbitrary, fast and indeed, feed length by 0.1mm - 9999.99mm;

The pneumatic type relaxation (relax point accuracy), long service life, zero fault.

According to customer requirements can be converted into the mechanical relaxation.

Feeder supply characteristics of high-speed roller

The suitable for continuous production.

The high speed. (up to a maximum of 600 times per minute)

Learn the simple structure, economical and practical, fault


The rate is low, easy to maintain.

The service life of at least 5-10 years

The working principle and the effect of mechanical transmission, smooth, low noise

The feeding precision: according to the rotational speed and the feeding long bottom is different, generally the precision in 0.05mm

If the guide pin for positioning, will be + 0.01mm accuracy.

Model: RF-105NS to RF-3030NS (maximum feeding length 300mm)

Air feeding machine characteristics

The standard type


The feeding length (width) 0-450mm, the feeding thickness 0.1-3.2mm; can send the type of materials: metals, paper tape, plastic; can send material shapes: circle, triangle,protuberance; special accessories: AF-5C above the attachment assembly buffer.

The E type solenoid valve

Fit on a punch down stroke too short or long distance feeding situation.

R type E type relaxation relax solenoid valve solenoid valve fit on a punch down stroke too short too long distance feeding, and requires high precision feeding condition, can relax the fixed splint to correct errors by using electromagnetic valve.

The new powerful type suitable for automatic processing of thicker materials.

The basic characteristics of

1, the feeding machine conveyor line layout flexibility, adaptability, can convey various materials;

2, delivery speed, long transmission distance, large conveying capacity, low energy consumption;

3, has the advantages of simple structure, light weight;

4, the feeding machine can continuously conveying, stable work, no damage to the materials to be conveyed; the operation is simple, safe and reliable, easy maintenance, low cost of maintenance and management.

2 use


The feeding machine specially

Automatic feeding machine

Automatic feeding machine (2)

Used for conveying granular, powder material, sheet, strip material and other products. Inthe industry application is very wide. In today's society, more and more manufacturersadopt mechanized transport, this way will become the inevitable replaced human labor, it has higher accuracy and time-saving, labor-saving, but also greatly reduces the laborintensity, reduce the labor cost saving human resources. Achieve low cost, high return. Will receive more and more manufacturers in favor and love in this automation products of thisrapid development! [3]

The 3 principle


The actual application showed that the feeding machine: AC servo system reasonably can meet the control system has fast response speed, high precision, strong robustnessrequirements, the actual application of the position control accuracy is highest in the + 0.1mm or so and can avoid the cumulative error. The control system can be used in high precision open series of cold-formed steel products production, especially similar shelf column product, namely of cold-formed steel upright, side has pre punching hole positiononline high precision requirements of the cold roll forming production line.

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