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output oil and carbon

1.Safety with full safety device,auto alarming

2.Low investement bring you high profit


Detailed Product Description:

GM series waste tyre retreading machine,carbon black refining machine, distillationn machine for diesel.

1.Automatically soldering technique, 100% quality guaranteed. valves and emergency safety valves , 100% safe.

3.waste gas combusion systom, atteched dedusting systom, the discharge smoke is mainly vapour, no pollution at all.

4.CE certificate & ISO certificate

5.raw materails can be waste tyre, plastic, waste oil,make good use of waste materials.

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Q:Plastic bottle paid recycling machine, why not the city's posts?
Many cities are not equipped with this stuff yet
Q:Where does Xingtai sell plastic particle machines?
Ziyang Sichuan Dayun plastic machinery factory specializing in the production of plastic granulatorGranulator is a complete granulator composed of extruder and corresponding granulation auxiliary machine. Mainly used in the production of PP, PE, ABS and other plastic pellets, the production of plastic particles even, dense, beautiful. PVC/PE/PS series granulator has the advantages of good plasticizing effect, high production efficiency, compact whole machine structure and high automation. The whole production line for a high degree of automation, automatic assembly line, as long as the front to pick someone behind the waste plastics, granular product line, from the implementation of the waste plastic particles to directly change the product; the whole production line based on foreign equipment drawing, continuous improvement, reasonable design, beautiful appearance. Durable, make particles of high quality, no bubbles, plump; in the field of plastic granulation equipment, adhere to professional management, practicing professional integrity, dedicated service service concept, is committed to creating Chinese professional recycled plastics recycling granulation machinery first brand - Dayun plastic machine manufacturing machine of fine quality competitive advantage for you.
Q:Is the locomotive plastic particle machine really? Is the package recycling true?
The machine doesn't make any material, and the material you make is never acceptable
Q:How much do we need to invest in the waste plastics recycling plant?
Below 150 thousand funds, it is best not to enter the industry.
Q:My printer is Toshiba. The toner is used up.
Toner used up, you can continue to use toner, if you can not use toner cartridges can be recycled, sell worthless, about 5 to 10 yuan
Q:Internet plus recycling for ordinary users value?
How can we integrate the 100 thousand line recovery army? Before the O2O concept became so hot, Chang Tao had been thinking about it. In 2014, Chang Tao introduced his classmate to find a vice president of SF Beijing company and visited the SF system. "A lot of people don't think SF is O2O, but did you find out?" SF and didi taxi like, the only difference is that people do not use in mobile terminals, but just call express." "The efficiency of SF is high because it has a powerful IT system," he said. Through the IT system integration channel is the simplest, this is easy to do, IT is the old Tao Tao business. Chang Tao called his logic "reverse logistics system": "SF sends the factory's products to thousands of households. I am sending all the things from the household to the factory, which is similar to each other."! The waste recycling industry for decades as one day, and in addition to change, little change. Beijing has 200 thousand people engaged in this industry, including Henan, Gushi County accounted for 70%. There are 100 thousand lines of waste collection, others do sorting and so on, they send out 8 million tons of waste every year for Beijing. The surface of the loose organization actually closely related to him, there is a problem to find a way of running predecessors, similar to the old guild society. The advantage of this kind of organization is efficiency and low cost. Special changtao wants to keep the industry, he won't hire more employees and a recovery "jobs", but the individual garbage collection are integrated in a platform, everyone is still responsible for the original line area. This not only does not require the company to pay salaries, it can help the garbage collector with itmake platform to increase recycling business more for themselves. With changtao own words, cooperation and the wilderness army, he did "just add a system to solve the problem of information asymmetry".
Q:How can the old plastic bottles be recycled?
The waste bottles continued to be used as bottlesIn the summer of 2010, when Kaka and Ronaldo were preparing for the world cup in South Africa, the yellow ball worn was made out of 8 used coke bottles. As early as the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Coca-Cola made a batch of "green" t-shirts for athletes from the Olympic village. The sleeves of their T-shirts were written with interest: "5 cola bottles are in them."".In Beijing Shunyi, there is a specialized recycling of waste plastic bottles, Beijing renewable resources Co., ltd.. Guo Xin, the executive director of the company, calculates: Beijing has 150 thousand tons of waste bottles per year, counting 40 thousand bottles per ton, and only 6 billion plastic bottles can be produced in Beijing every year. Where are so many bottles? Is the waste beverage bottle made of fiber, or made into bottles again used in the field of food packaging? In the past, almost all domestic enterprises chose the former, foreign enterprises such as the emperor of Japan is both. Only the latter itmake."We only do 'bottle to bottle', we're going to make the food grade PET chips out of the old bottles, and then produce new bottles. After the bottle is used up, we slice it, so the resources can be recycled many times." Yao Yaxiong gestured introduction. Guo Xin also said she was reluctant to use recycled materials as clothes, because the waste bottles were simply broken, and they could not be recycled when they were made of short fiber or woven bags.
Q:How to use the beverage bottle recycling machine?
Plastic bottles are made of polyethylene or polypropylene and added a variety of organic solvents. Plastic bottles are widely used polyester (PET), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) as raw materials, after adding the corresponding organic solvents,
Q:What kind of equipment should be used to recycle waste plastics such as bronzing film?
Bronzing film recycling production line, you can understand this page.
Q:Waste plastic bottle machine was acquired after breaking it
Look what is the bottle, the general coke bottle is PET, will be more expensive, other mineral water bottles will be cheaper, probably the acquisition of the former, the price of 3500, and the latter 2500 or so
Our main products include 23 series and less than 400 types of feeding systems, which are sold well in many countries and regions.Our products include extraordinary pipes, aluminum-sprayed compound boards, grain-making lines and series of drying machines, feeding machines, crushers, auto-mixing machines, color-mired and cold-watered machines, heaters and cold mixing machines, vibration sieve printers, and tractors.We look forward to receiving your correspondences in the near future.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangsu,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2002
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America1.33
South America 3.32
Eastern Europe6.64
Southeast Asia 18.59
Africa 6.64
Eastern Asia 3.72
Domestic Market 59.76
Company Certifications CE;ISO9001

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken:
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
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