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I plan to get a Wii soon enough. I have a ps3 and it doesnt use batteries of course. My question is, the wii uses double A batteries, is there a docking station or rechargable battery dock for my wii remotes when i get them so i wont have to keep buying packs of double A batteries?
There is a rechargeable pack but my recommendation is to get Energizer rechargeable batteries and a 15 minute charger that way if you forget to charge them you can have a spare pair of batteries and when the batteries wear out you just buy a new pack instead of a whole new Wii charging pack. Whether you decide on the batteries or the recharge packs definitely get something rechargeable for the Wii controllers because they suck down batteries like there's no tomorrow.
Hello. I am working on a project with a friend and will be wiring together many different colored led's together for a costume we are making.I am pretty good with soldering and thought this would be a fun project but we are looking for a battery pack we can buy that has different modes that you can switch too. So the lights flash or do other cool patterns.Is there something like this?Thanks!! :)
search okorder
Ups external battery how to take?
Before dealing with, take off the ring, watches and the like metal objects.
hello i have a tommy 20 dart gun and it uses 3 aa batteries. how can i convert this to a battery pack or mod it? Thanks
I'm probably going to be your only answer. I don't think you can
I purchased the Xbox 360 play and charge kit. I have had it for over 2 months and it has just stopped charging when on the charger. It is not a faulty charger because when i unplug and plug the charger back in all the lights light up. Yet when I put the rechargeable battery on the charger it doesn't light up and it doesn't charge. How can I fix this?
Just get another battery.Or call the company.
How much battery life does a flip camera battery pack have when fully charged?
sophisticated aspect. look into on to google. it may help!
I found an old xbox 360 controller lying in a shoebox. The controller itself is 5 years old, but I haven't used it in the last 10 months, about when the batteries were put in. There were 2 AA batteries still left inside of it. Just for giggles, I tried turning it on, and the green led lit up for a sec then turned off. There's no sign of visible damage. After a battery replacement, is the battery pack and controller still safe to use, or should I still take some precautionary cleaning measures?
If there is no sign of battery leakage or corrosion, you should be OK to use it.
hey guys. I have a toy Lamborghini Gallardo car, and it has a 7.2V Rechargable Ni-Cd battery pack. what i want to do it add an extra AA battery do hopefully give it more power. what i need to know is, what connects the all the batteries with the wire that you plug in to the other wire that connects to the car and the battery charger? whats on the batteries that conducts the electric charge to all 6 AA batteries?
take two battery packs hook the 1 red wire from one and one black wire from the other together, Then hook the left over wires to the car like normal. (you will have to cut and splice some wires. this will give you twice the power.