Reverse Osmosis System Water Treatment Equipment

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1.  The reverse osmosis device is an equipment to purify the saline water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane,it is called reverse osmosis,as it is counter to natural penetration direction,


Different materials have different osmotic pressures,The reverse osmosis method to adopt larger osmotic pressures is used to obtain the purpose to separate,extract,purify and condense.


   2.  More than 97% soluble salts and 99% glues,microbe,particulate and organic substances and etc can be removed with  the reverse osmosis,it becomes the most idea equipment for the modem program of pure water,the equiment are shown as lower energy consumption,simple technics,high water quality,easy operation and maintenance.

Pretreatment of this machine has adopted stainless steel multi-medium filter, active carbon filter

Pretreatment of this machine has adopted stainless steel multi-medium filter, active carbon filter to remove large size impurities and floating materials effectively. Water input index of RO films is improved so that extraordinary smell and remaining chorine of the raw water can be effectively removed, and the taste quality of the water is therefore improved. 
The main RO machine has applied high efficient low pressure compounded membrane from the USA, whose desalt rate of single film may reach up to 97%. Over high or over low-pressure protection facilities imported from South Korea have been applied to lower the problem rate of the facility to almost zero. High class standing type stainless pump from LOWALA, USA and medical material input system from Midunlo, USA have been applied.

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Q:Reasons for increasing water quality of water purifier in household filter
The process is as follows: no filtered water - the first stage filtration of a water purifier through a household filter to remove large particulate contaminants - - second levels of filtration to remove particulate contaminants
Q:Can the water purifier filter out the minerals when it is purified?
In order to achieve the physical and chemical index and hygiene standards of drinking regulations, output of clean and pure water, is the best choice for the body replenish water. Due to high quality RO reverse osmosis water purity technology is the highest of all water technology is mastered by mankind, the cleanliness of almost 100%.
Q:How to make a drinking water purifier
5, improvement points1) box material improvements: better sealing2) improvement on the fan: replace two power larger AC fans or turbofan3) filter: buy better filters4) control improvements: use raspberry pie + relay as control, use crontab control switch5) Internet air purifier: Raspberry pie, Internet access, remote control
Q:Air compressor with a filter, how to spray out, there will be water?
If the compressed air contains a lot of water, mainly to see in what position, if before the outlet of the air compressor steam water separator, compressed air containing a large amount of water is normal, unless the air compressor inlet direct inhalation of liquid water; if the gas water separator after the cold and dry machine before (in the separator and between cold and dry machine there should be air storage tank and a primary filter) or a large amount of water jet, the gas water separator failure; compression machine after cold and dry under normal circumstances, the amount of water in the air will be very few, if there are a large number of liquid water, and gas water separator works well, it is best to check the drain valve in the gas tank, some condensation every day when water in the gas tank on the gas tank, soon will become a water storage tank!!
Q:Is drinking water purifier useful?
Of course, useful, but also to choose a guarantee, no matter which brand, health is their own, depends on the price of water purifier, the parameters to be considered, not advertising
Q:What are the similarities and differences between hydrophobic and hydrophilic filters?
Because the hydrophilic membrane once the liquid infiltration, will produce greater surface tension, blocking gas passage, only when the gas pressure exceeds the surface tension will pass, and this is the bubble point
Q:Does the purified water belong to pure water?
Not exactly, of courseAt present, there are many types of water purifiers on the market, in addition to the pure water machine, the other can not make pure water
Q:The fish tank filters won't absorb water
First of all, you see whether the submersible pump, if it is to see if the water level line is lower than the pump body, and secondly, if it is a top pump, you need to see if the water pipe connection is leaking
Q:Will the water after the installation of the water filter be not boiled by the superior?
The water from the end of the machine can be fed straight. If it's better to boil it, then the purified water will go through the pipe into the water at home
Q:Does anyone know why the water purifier uses the pre filter system?
Stage 1: micro filtration membrane: removal of various visible matter / dust and impurities in tap water by microfiltration. These particulate matter comes from pipe aging, rusting, roof water tanks, two pollution, and so on.Grade second: compressed carbon: compressed carbon to remove chlorine and organic impurities, such as harmful pesticides. It also absorbs odors, colors, and odors produced by organic compounds in water, which are derived from tap water disinfection by-products.

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