water treatment equipment new technology

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1water treatment equipment for cosmetic 
2full stainless steel machine 
3easy to operate and clean 
4use US filter 

treatment equipment-----Introduction

1.This product can effectively remove impurities, sediment ,small suspended ,colloids,and  suspended solids in water.

2.The device is widely used in preparation of mineral water, pure water, soft water and drink water, family preparation of cold water, beverage

3.it also can be used in reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration of water supply security filters.

4. Pure water, bottled water, fine filtration, clarification of a variety of industrial water treatment.

5. Purify variety of chemical solution.

6. Water treatment and medicine, liquor and beverage clarification and enrichment.

7. It can effectively remove the liquid suspension, rust and so on.

8. It can tolerate higher filtration pressure.

9. Filter can produce a variety of materials to meet the needs of a variety of fluid filtration.

10. Nice appearance, filtration area, low resistance, long service life, reasonable structure, light weight Precision filter has small size, large flow rate, large capacity of pollutants, high precision, easy operation etc advantages.


I.Function of water softener

1)Reduce the dissolved Calcium and Magnesium

2)Remove Manganese and Fer(Iron) ion concentration in hard water

3)Remove Carbonate, Bi-carbonate and Sulphate ions


II.How it works?

The entire work procedure include exchange softening, backflushing, salt feeding, regenerating and cleaning.

The high sinthetics resin is used to exchange Sodium ion with hardness forming Calcium and Magnesium ions. After producing desired output, the resin is regenerated with [NaCl] Sodium Chloride solution after which unit is again ready to deliver next batch.


III.Brief flowchart

Raw water→ Raw water supply pump→ Water Softener→Water use point


IV.System Configuration:

1.The tank of the softener will be made of Fibreglass- Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

2.Pipeline: To use UPVC1.6MPA international standard pipeline.

3.Control system: Manual control with UPVC ball valve.

4.Resin: To use American Rohm and Haas’


1. Boiler Feed

2. Cooling Tower Make-Up

3. Air Conditioning Plant

4. Textile Processing

5. Beverage Production

6. Hospitals, Hotels, Laundries, etc.

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Q:Can household water purifiers remove acids and bases from the water?
2. household tap water purifier filtering accuracy can reach 0.01 micron, can remove impurities in tap water, sediment, rust, pesticide residues, heavy metals, Harmonia odor, chlorine, bacteria and virus, water retention of beneficial minerals at the same time, can achieve the effect of drinking, and effectively improve the quality of our life.3. household tap water purifier and long service life, only need to replace a filter for 6-8 months, about a week cleaning time, can guarantee the normal use, and water, can well meet the needs of daily water home.
Q:Stainless steel water treatment air purifier speed commonly used units?
There are cold plate processing into the shell, the surface of some paint processing, the appearance of beautiful, but high cost (such as ambitious),
Q:Reasons for increasing water quality of water purifier in household filter
Third stage filtration removes small particles of impurity - - fourth - level filtration to remove particulate impurities. After the filtration, the water quality is purified and the water quality is improved.
Q:Filtration principle of water purifying filter
The first stage: role: PP cotton, contaminant filtering of large particlesSecond level: granular activated carbon GAC, role: adsorption of chemical pollutants in water
Q:Can the water filtered by the filter be drunk directly?
The filter is sterilized and purified by filtering cotton and filtering large amounts of nitrate in the cotton.
Q:Water purifier filter water will drink a long time, there is no problem, a little worried
I also thought the same thing. It was tangled. Because the tap water is open, the spunlace is very big, all hate to drink water. Water purifier, filtered water, no spunlace,
Q:Reverse osmosis or ultra filtration for domestic well water purifier
If the water quality is good, except for large particles of impurities, then the ultrafiltration is enough.
Q:How do you make your own cigarette filter? The kind of water. You have the best picture
Smoking cessation is simple and complexThat complex, have an urge to smoke, so may the general impulse; indistinct state may be Mochan - I have many hard pumping; no urge to smoke may also broke a smoking for a long time, careless, despise pretend to control who is suddenly planted in this top.
Q:What are the operating principles and main units of a sewage purifier?
2. After purification, centrifugal separation, gravity separation, dynamic filtration and sludge concentration in the purifier, the purified water is discharged from the top of the purifier, and the concentrated sludge is discharged regularly or continuously from the bottom.
Q:Which pipe water does the tap water purifier drink?
The scarcity of fresh water, which is already scarce, is not for human use. With the tap water purifier is not the same

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