Reverse Osmosis(RO) membrane element for industrial use 8040

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Product Description:

Description of RO membrane elment   

Advanced membrane technology, automatic sealing and rolling production line, CNBM could provide series of reverse osmosis membrane elements including residential, commercial and industrial fields.

CNBM-KX type is special for industrial application. It uses series of aromatic polyamide compound RO membrane with three layers.



-High desalination rate;

-High stability;

-More choices for different specifications;





Effective   membrane area ft2(m2)


Desalination   rate(%)


Average   yield GPD(m3/d)



Testing conditions:




Temperature( )


NaCl solution   concentration(mg/L)


pH value


Testing Pressure   (MPa)


Recovery   rate(%)



Operation Limits and conditions:

Max.operating   pressure psi(Mpa)


Max.inflow   temperature()


Max.inflow   SDI


Max.water   flow GPM(m3/h)


Free   chlorine concentration(mg/L)


Continuous   running water pH range


Chemical   cleanig water pH range


Max.single   membrane element pressure drop psi(Mpa)


Reverse Osmosis(RO) membrane element for industrial use 8040

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Q:Air compressor with a filter, how to spray out, there will be water?
In the compressed air and the condensed water is a normal phenomenon, because the air in the water vapor content and temperature, pressure, general condensing water content of the air compressor with the environment humidity, humidity is greater the greater the water content, the smaller the contrary, has nothing to do with the type of air compressor.The general air compressor outlet pipeline will bring back a gas water separator, the compressed air in the liquid water is separated, can reach the efficiency of 95% above, and then after the cold and dry compressed air dew point will drop to 5 degrees Celsius, after dry machine after the compressed air drops to the dew point -20 degrees celsius.
Q:How do I make a simple drinking water filter?
(4) use crushed stones to grind charcoal into powder, and then put 3~5cm thick sand, charcoal, fine sand, charcoal, sand, and so on (about 5 to 7 layers) in turn
Q:What are the hazards of drinking water filters?
Are you talking about the prefilter in the water manager?With the kind of Ppmian, 6-8 months to replace the core, waste your time and money, but it is inside the rust and sediment barrier,
Q:Is household water filter useful? What's the principle of household tap water filter? What's the principle?
Reverse osmosis: a separation technique, this method for pressure water through the synthesis of membrane, membrane allows only pure water through, and pollutants are excluded. R/O reverse osmosis technology adopted by the US government and NASA spent hundreds of millions of dollars, in order to solve the astronauts on the moon of the drinking water problem of high-tech achievements after years of efforts carefully developed. The cost is high, suitable for poor water quality in the area.
Q:Does the purified water belong to pure water?
No, water that filters off some of the harmful substances
Q:Is the prefilter useful?You want to install a filter after the water meter
Not knowledgeable, but two I have used, I hope you can help.You can change the core should be the water purification effect is good that is, five filtering what, my earliest use of the advantages of filtering, clean, drinkable, many bottled water is not up to the purity; but the drawback is that each one to waste water 2~4 off the water;
Q:Will the water filtered out of the water purifier smell bad?
It is hard to say. So it is recommended to install the terminal water purifier, but there are many types of water purifiers. The things that can be filtered out are different. If there is no sterilization process, it is recommended that they be boiled and then drunk
Q:How about Tim net household water filter
Cheap, widely applicable to high-end apartments, small Huxing villas. 1. filter equipment control system response is sensitive, accurate operation, can be adjusted according to different water sources and filtering accuracy, flexible backwashing pressure difference time and time setting value. 2. filter equipment in backwashing process, each (Group) filter screen in turn backwash operation, to ensure the safety of the filter screen, efficient cleaning, and other filters are not affected, continue to filter. 3. filter equipment uses pneumatic discharge valve, backwash washing short duration, backwashing less water consumption, environmental protection economy
Q:Is the automatic water filter clean?
What's your concept of automatic? Now the general filter water is water purifier Oh, the water purifier water than without purifying water is good, the premise is filter water purifier does not exceed the past period of use, often to replace the filter, or the water is much dirtier than raw water. Water purifiers are basically "fully automatic" - in the process of purification". However, when rinsing, the water purifier is washed by itself. The ultrafiltration machine is equipped with a flushing ball valve or a faucet as the flushing switch. When it is needed, it will be ready to be opened. The ceramic filter element needs the hand to wash slightly, this can say is not automatic? O (a _ U) O~
Q:About "boiled water and purified water treated by household purifier", who is good for human health?
Water is one of the six most important nutrients in human life. The minerals and trace elements in water are very important to human health. Beijing University of Chemical Technology professor Jin Riguang life-power and Water Resources Research Center pointed out: "water for the origin of life and in the life extension process plays a very important role, in this sense, we can not say that the water is used to quench water, far-reaching significance maintaining human health is the continuation of life."

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