RO Water treatment equipment for cosmetic,pharmaceutical,chemical industries,food,drinking water

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Performance and Features


 ♥   Automatic switch on when low water level, and switch off when high water level.

 ♥  Full stainless steel structure, durable and easy to clean. 

 ♥   Protection when no voltage, under-voltage, over-current, short circuit and creepage

 ♥  Integrating water flow indicator, TDS indicator, pressure indicator, control panel.

 ♥  Built-in soft-start system to avoid damage to the expensive membrane when starting.





 ◊  Electronic industry  water

   Pharmaceutical industry water

   Chemical industry process water

   Electric industry boiler feeding water

   Food industry water

 ◊ Seawater and saline water desalination

 ◊ Purified drinking water

(A).Pre-treatment is included sand filter ,carbon filter ,softener(option) and security filter .


 1.Sand filter: A laminated filter is provided to prevent sand, flocculent and colloid entering into membrane element. Its basic filter element is formed by quartzes sand and anthracite. 

 2. Active carbon filter: This is provided to absorb organic materials, residual chlorine and other injurants, thus it can reduce the effluent COD and keep SDI under and CL2 under 0.1 mg. L. 

 3. Softening system: This system is to prevent begrime the membrane by ion of Ca and Mg. 

 4. Precision filter (micro filter) ,PP filter of 5um is installed to prevent fine particulate entering the high lift pump and RO membrane.


 (B).RO system is included that booster pump,membrane and membrane housing, electronic Control System .

 It cut out colloids, bacteria, virus and other impurities, and keep output water conductivity below 5um/cm.


 (C). Water Sterilizer often refers to Ozonge Generator and U.V Ray sterilier, which used to kill the germs in water.


 (D).Pure water tank: When the pure water tank is full, the RO machine will automatically come to stop, when the pure water tank is empty, the RO system will automatically run to produce the pure water.

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Q:Water purifier, cold water in the mouth of direct drinking?
Not necessarily. You have to look at what brand. His filter is made up of those
Q:Is the prefilter useful?You want to install a filter after the water meter
Personal use is "Angel", not advertising, many large brands of quality and technology are almost the same, I just see his family, good attitude on the useSuggest you go to the mall or large stores, many places have sold, sales staff introduced particularly clear, and some demonstration models, selected, and then to the Internet than the next price. But I figure save trouble, let me directly to the mall installed
Q:How to make a drinking water purifier
5, improvement points1) box material improvements: better sealing2) improvement on the fan: replace two power larger AC fans or turbofan3) filter: buy better filters4) control improvements: use raspberry pie + relay as control, use crontab control switch5) Internet air purifier: Raspberry pie, Internet access, remote control
Q:Which is good for a water purifier and a kitchen filter?
It should be worth it. The water purifier and the kitchen water filter are almost the same. The water in the kitchen is the tap water
Q:Installation of household drinking water filters
First, nail the filter to the wall. It is made of small tubes. If you have 4 water pipes in your house, it is different from the water inlet
Q:Can the dirty water be filtered out to drink?
The direct drink of water, usually called "direct drinking water", is the direct effect of drinking, and the body has no abnormal reaction;
Q:How do you use this water purifier? The three nozzles are written, washed, washed and filtered
Filtration: normal outflow of filtered water.After bidirectional cleaning, the impurities intercepted by the filter core can be washed out as much as possible, and the regeneration of the filter core can be realized".Picture is not clear, may be twisted into the outlet pipe exchange position. According to the "positive and negative wash" to make a judgement.
Q:Do you keep the filter in the aquarium all the time?
The filters in the aquarium should be kept open so that the fish's oxygen can be maintained.
Q:Will the water after the installation of the water filter be not boiled by the superior?
Whatever the machine filters, boil it before drinking it, because there is contamination in the pipe through the pipe, unless it's a very clean pipe that has just been replaced
Q:Is the water filter useful?
Pure water machine water machine water machine filter filter that we often say, is filtered out can be directly consumed, the equivalent of the market sell bottled water standards, it is the use of ultra low pressure reverse osmosis technology, can effectively remove calcium and magnesium in water, bacteria, organic, inorganic and the heavy metal ion, it put all the minerals and impurities are filtered water, no scale boiling water, water and all harmful substances are filtered out, the scale for more serious family

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