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The key structure of the contactor
Vacuum contactor: Vacuum contactor is the contact system using vacuum degaussing chamber contactor.
What does the contactor NC ON mean?
contact system, including three main contacts and one to two groups normally open, normally closed auxiliary
What is the difference between a safety contactor and a conventional contactor?
but the manufacturer of the contactor to improve the structure, if forced to disconnect the mechanical contact device
What is the power contactor
AC contactors are widely used as power break and control circuits. (Play the role of frequent switching)
Determine whether the AC contactor can cut off the short circuit current?
insulation shell and accessories, all kinds of springs, transmission, short circuit, terminal and so on
Contactor dynamic performance detection technology and comprehensive evaluation method
. In this paper, the dynamic response of the contactor is tested, and the parameters of the contactor mechanical and electrical characteristics are extracted from the contact test waveform
What is the formulation of the contactor?
contactor number of auxiliary contacts, and contactor installation options
What causes the AC contactor to be damaged
4. Replace the coil, remove the jammed fault, repair damaged parts 5. To adjust the contact parameters two, do not release or release the slow possible cause