TDGC,TDGC2, TSGC,TSGC2 series Contact Voltage Regulator

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Principle & Characteristics

The voltage regulator is in the structure of adjustable compensator, it wind a coil on the loop core,thee brush coincide with the rubbed surface of the coil closely under the spring pressure effect,rotate
the revolving shaft to drive the brush stand, and make the brush move along the coil surf ace to change the contact position of the brush, that means change the turns rate of primary and secondary coil, which
can make the output voltage stepless adjusted within the adjustment range. It has the advantage of no waveform distortion, small volume, less weight, high efficiency, simple and reliable operation, un for
long period and so on.

Scope of Application

It is widely used in industry (as chemical industry、metallurgy、instruments、meters、electromechanical manufacturing、light industry etc.)、scientific experiment、public facilities and domestic electric appliance to fulfill voltage regulating、temperature control、speed regulating、light adjusting、power control and so on, it is an ideal AC regulated power source.

Main Technical Parameter Size & Weight

Note: 1.TDGC、TSGC series products are same with the TDGC2j、TSGC2j series. 2.The said overall size and weight are for reference only.

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Q:Car radio dead after replacing battery?
Reversing the polarity of jumper cables can do a lot of damage to the electrical components. You said you checked all of the fuses and none are bad, you might of fried your radio. But before you replace it, after market stereos have a fuse on the back of the unit, not to sure about factory ones though. But more than likely if your stereo does not have a fuse on the back, its time for a new one.
Q:1993 Yamaha FZR600R, Headlights dont work anymore. What do i do?
Water has most likely got into relay or switchgear.Use a multi meter to check for continuity and power in corresponding wires and contacts.
Q:why does my moped/ scooters' electric start work but no other electrical components?
if you have fuses it might be that. if that isn't it, remember that all these accessories must all run from the same electrical point. trace one of those wires back toward the off/on switch until you find the problem.Have you checked the ground. some time the starter is a grounded alone. also turn one of these things on and check to see if you actually have power to it. its tough to answer this in a good way to get right to the exact problem partner.
Q:I Fixed a parasitic draw on my car battery, but now my turn signals don't work?
First I gotta ask this. No offense to you since I don't know you nor do I kow your technical skills. When you are measuring this draw, do you have your meter connected in SERIES with the negative side with it set to Amps setting? Also, are you allowing the vehicle to power down, most cars will hold a certain amperage draw for a few minutes, up to 10-20 minutes which is normal. Are you allowing for this draw not chasing a ghost? FOR INSTANCE, GM vehicle with Onstar, they want you to wait 20 minutes for Onstar to power down or Go To Sleep so to speak. When you track down the source by removing the fuse, you have to actually go find the source fix it. Not leave the fuse out. This is where factory manuals come in handy to have. That way you can see what all that fuse feeds so you can go to that component unplug it directly see if your draw goes away with the fuse back installed.
Q:Blown fuses (subs?) amp in protect mode now? Helppp?
The amp probably has a burnt component inside. I doubt that amp is meant to handle more than 60 amps, and from the looks of it, it was pulling that much for a while. You probably were clipping the signal way too much. Your subs are definetely blown.
Q:1966 Mustang 289 Short?
Unhook the battery ground cable and hook up a voltmeter between the cable and battery. Start pulling fuses until the meter drops below 11 volts. This will tell you which circuit is drawing power. Check out all items on this fuse. The most common places to look are the lights in the trunk, glove box and under the hood.
Q:what function does this component play ?
MASS PRODUCTION through mechanization of the assembly line. Henry Ford produced over 15 million Model Ts from 1908 to 1927. This was the first time in the history of the world that a complex product had been produced in such great numbers in such a short period. This would not have been possible without the assembly line, which Ford did NOT invent (Ransom Olds invented it). Henry Ford perfected it, though. In 1913, he implemented the MOVING assembly line and continued to optimize and mechanize it through the years.
Q:What can i run off 12 volts?
you should be able to run anything that does not exceed the amperage rating of the fuse for the power point this is usually about 10-15 amps, depending on the vehicle and what other components this fuse controls. If we consider that wattsvoltage x current that means that you should be fine with anything that is rated at under 120-180 watts or a combination of things (using a splitter) totaling less than that. Find the fuse that controls your power power point, and look at its amperage rating. I would assume that this fuse also controls other components as well (dome lights, etc.). Multiply its amperage by twleve and that is the MAXIMUM number of watts that can be used on that circuit. Since this represents the maximum number of amps possible on the circuit (and probably would result in a blown fuse) dont pick an appliance that matches the wattage number you calculate or you will overload the circuit and blow a fuse. Other than that you can use just about anything that meets these requirements.
Q:Does anyone know what Swarovski uses to glue their pieces together?
NO, but you could call the factory or head office ask what they would use to replace a piece if it broke off I would think it would be the same as what they used to create it in the first place.
Q:Lincoln town car air suspension?
As was said, if the compressor is running, the 30 amp fuse is fine. There are a number of components that can make this light go on, does your compressor run all of the time? If so it could be an air leak, on my '95 town car the ride height adjuster needs to be replaced, it signals to the compressor to keep running even though the car is at a proper level. This blows the 30amp fuse. Until I can get a new rha, I am just keeping the switch in the trunk off, if it looks a little low I turn it on until the rear end is up, this happens mostly when the temps. drop and the air molecules contract. To nail down your problem take it to a dealership, they can run a diagnostic test on it.

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