Factory price Max output power 6200w home storage all in one battery (JX)

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50 pc
Supply Capability:
5000 pc/month
3.6KW battery capacity:10.24KWH
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Item specifice

Absolute Max Voltage(V):
No.of Strings per MPP Tracker:
No.of MPP Trackers:
Max.DC Input Power(w):

Product Introduction

Agave-SH, a hybrid all-in-one BESS, compatible with high voltage LFP battery system, can  achieve the best function to maximize clean solar power usage for your home.

Convenient:  Battery pre-installed

Quiet:  Less than 25 dB,no noise pollution

Flexible:  IP65 Inverter up to 6kW, battery capacity up to 10kWh

Adaptative:  Self-power, backup, and load shifting modes

Independent:  No additional modules andinverters are required

Smart:  Support VPP and IOT


Absolute Max Voltage(d.c.V)600
MPPT Voltage Range(d.c.V)100-500
Max.DC Input Power(w)4800620066508000
Start-up Voltage(d.c.V)90
Start-up Voltage(d.c.V)360
Max.Input Current(d.c.A)12.5/12.5
Max.inverter backfeed current to array(d.c.A)0
Isc PV(d.c.A)18/18
No.of MPP Trackers2
No.of Strings per MPP Tracker1
Battery ModelWH-BXB5.12WH-BXB10.24

Battery Capacity5.12kWh10.24kWh

Nominal Battery Voltage(dc.V)204.8409.6

Battery Voltage Range(dc.V)160-227.2320-454.4

Max.Charge/Discharge Current(dc.A)25/25

Cycling times6500

Depth of Discharge(%)90

AC Input/Output
Rated output power(W)3600
Rated Apparent Power to Grid(VA)3600460050006000
Max.Apparent Power to Grid(VA)3600460050006000
Max.Apparent Power from Grid(VA)72009200
Rated Voltage(ac.V)220/230/240
Rated Frequency(Hz)50/60
Rated AC Current to Grid(acA)15.62021.726.1
Max.output current(ac.A)17.22223.928.7
Max.Current from Grid(ac.A)31.24043.452.2
Inrush current(acA)16 a.c.A (peak), 11.3 us (duration)
Max.output fault current(ac.A)57 (peak), 40 (rms)
AC output Maximum output overcurrent protection(ac.A)40
AC input power factor-0.8~+0.8
AC output power factor1 (-0.8...+0.8 adjustable)
THDi<3%< td="">
EPS Output

Max.output power(W)3600
Rated Apparent Power(VA)43205520
Max.Apparent Power(VA)4320552060007200
Rated Voltage(ac.V)230 (±2%)
Nominal Frequency(Hz)50/60 (±0.2%)
Max.Output Current(ac.A)18.82426.131.3
Inrush Current(ac.A)16 a.c.A (peak), 11.3 us (duration)
Max.output fault current(ac.A)57 (peak), 40 (rms)
EPS output Maximum output overcurrent protection(ac.A)40
Switch time(ms)<10< td="">
THDv@Linear Load (%)<2< td="">
Power Factor-0.8~+0.8

PV Max.Efficiency(%)97.6
PV Europe Efficiency(%)97
PV Max.MPPT Efficiency(%)99.9
Battery Charge by PV Max.Efficiency(%)98
Battery Discharge Efficiency(%)96.7

Over/Under voltage protectionYes

DC isolation protectionYes

DC injection monitoringYes

Residual current detectionYes

Anti-islanding protectionYes

Over load protectionYes

Battery Input reverse polarity protectionYes

PV reverse polarity protectionYes

Surge protectionYes

Over heat protectionYes

General DataWH-BXB5.12WH-BXB10.24
Dimension(W/D/H)(mm)550 × 233 × 1125mm550 × 233 × 1750mm
Dimension of packing(W/D/H)(mm)655 × 302 × 1390mm655 × 302 × 2085mm
Net weight(kg)68
Gross weight(kg)78130
Operation Temp(°)-10~+55
Relative Humidity(%)0~95
Ingress ProtectionIP65
Inverter TopologyNon-isolated
Over Voltage categoryⅢ(AC), Ⅱ(DC)
Protection classClassⅠ
Active anti-islanding methodfrequency shift
Human InterfaceLED/APP
BMS Communication InterfaceRS485/CAN
Meter Communication InterfaceRS485
Noise Emission(dB)<25< span="">
Stand by Power Consumption(w)<5< span="">
Safety and Approvals

IEC62040.1:2019 IEC 62109-1&-2

IEC62619 UN38.3 IEC60730-1 EN IEC 61000-6-2:2019 EN IEC 61000-6-3:2021


AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-11 MEA:2015 PEA:2016 EN 50549-2:2019 EN 50549-1+Poland deviation G99/1-6:2020 G98/1-6:2021 RD1699+UNE

Distribution Code VDE0126+UTE C10/11: 2021

Application Scenario:


Our Company

Q:The role of the battery?
It filled with lead plate filled with sponge lead as a negative electrode, filled with lead dioxide lead dioxide as a positive electrode, and with 22 to 28% dilute sulfuric acid as electrolyte. In the charge, the electrical energy into chemical energy, the discharge of chemical energy and into electrical energy.
Q:How should the battery be well maintained?
Electrolyte density This is to evaluate whether the battery charge is normal, whether the aging of the important parameters, the use of density meter or electrolyte density tester can be measured. If the electrolyte density is too small, you need to charge. And the electrolyte concentration is too thick or too thin to a certain extent, it means that such as the occurrence of plate vulcanization, short circuit or overcharge phenomenon, this time on the need for maintenance.
Q:What kind of battery is divided into?
At present, we used the car battery is divided into three categories, namely, ordinary batteries, dry batteries and maintenance-free batteries three.
Q:Lead-acid battery how to maintain?
When receiving the battery should first check whether the phenomenon of short circuit, first short circuit repair and then fill the distilled water.
Q:How is the capacity of the battery defined?
100AH capacity of the battery, fully charged after the 100A current discharge can be an hour to put the power finished. 50A current is 2 hours put away! 20A is 5 hours! Of course this is the theoretical value, in fact it is impossible to have a constant current discharge.
Q:How does battery activation work?
Always keep the battery surface clean. Found that the surface of dust and acid, it should be timely wipe, wipe can be wiped with soda water wipes wipe again, after rinse with water.
Q:80ah how much battery storage capacity?
Is 80AH. Understood to discharge at 80 amps for about 1 hour (but not to say that after 1 hour is finished, there is still electricity). In theory, this is your battery power.
Q:What is the meaning of the battery above 12v65Ah?
12V is said to be the voltage, 65Ah is the current. (A is the unit of current. H is the time unit .1 hours.)
Q:How to deal with waste batteries?
Laboratory recycling method: ordinary dry battery is cylindrical, the outer cylinder made of zinc, the zinc cylinder is the battery negative; tube central carbon rod for the positive; tube for the manganese dioxide, ammonium chloride and chlorination Zinc.
Q:Maintenance-free battery how to detect it?
Do not always check the color of the electric eye for maintenance-free batteries. Green for the full power; black for the lack of electricity, need to be added to charge; gray or light yellow for the electrolyte is insufficient, because maintenance-free battery can not add liquid, should immediately replace the battery.

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