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How does the mobile power charge?
The reason may have 1) your plug is not plugged in, 2) your mobile power built-in charging circuit has problems and can not work properly.
I am looking to get a power of attorney to make a purchase of a property for my mother. My mother is a foreign national, who travels to the US using a Visitors Visa. She currently has various US bank account. I would be making the purchase of a property using those account. How do i go about obtaining a power of attorney document in Virginia, USA. Where should the documents be file or does it just have to be notoried.?
frequently legal specialists do no longer charge plenty for drawing up documents like wills and means of legal specialists. and it truly is advisable to have one in touch, because of the fact they have their very own notary people who can come on your mom, and the criminal expert may well be yet somebody else who ought to confirm that your determine knew what he/she grew to become into doing inspite of the incapacity. Does your different determine no longer opt to have the means of criminal expert? Or is he/she no longer able? Or do the two your dad and mom choose you to try this. if so, take care of it as quickly as available, if your determine's well being deteriorates extra desirable. i'm sorry approximately your determine's stroke. that's perplexing for the entire kin.
I find it odd that such a bank is given so much power.
The main reason is to avoid political interference. But it wasn't always this way. When the Fed was founded in 1913, the branches had more autonomy and the board was chaired by the Treasury secretary. It didn't work very well. Essentially the branches conducted their own monetary policy and were often influenced by local congressman. And with the Treasury secretary on the board, there were conflicts between monetary policy and fiscal policy. That all changed in 1935. The Board of Governors was given absolute power over the system, and the Treasury Secretary was removed from the board. That was the first time there was a coordinated national monetary policy. Since 1900, there has been a general trend in the world to both nationalize central banks and have them operate independently from the rest of the government. And one good reason is abuse by politicians. If you look up every episode of hyperinflation in modern times, it was because the government (usually a dictator) ordered the central bank to print money to pay for expenses.
can my ma in law still able to sign cheques once she has made her son power of attony. there are cheques being paid to various people who we can not acount for, ma in law is 96 and finds it difficult to remember where the cheques have gone.
Will she agree to give you all the checks? I am pretty sure power of attorney allows son to sign for mom without stopping her. Would need to have her found unfit, which I assume he would rather not do.
I recently took over power of attorney for my grandparents and noticed that they have a lot of miscellaneous monthly bank debits that they aren't aware of. One of them is a monthly charge from STC Travel Entertainment. I have no idea what it is and have been unsuccessful in tracking down anything on the internet. I need to cancel it for them, please help!
Tell the bank that now that you have power of attorney, you have discovered a fraudulent charge on their account. See my source. You should probably close the account and open a new one for them.
I am looking for a meter to measure true power. Many meters claim to measure active power, is this the same value?
Yes, it is. All circuits contain some degree of inductance and capacitance in addition to resistance. In a normal circuit, on alternate half cycles, the inductance and capacitance take and return power to the source. They are called reactive loads. (Of course, if you are charging a capacitor bank, they only take power until you are ready to use it.) Resistance only takes power and can usually be thought of as the actual work being done. That power is called various names but the consistent denominator in them is a reference to actuality or activeness. It is measured in watts while reactive power is measured in volt-amps (and, as that implies, includes the true power as well as the moving back and forth power). However, reactive power (and current) is physically real even if not thought of that way and circuits have to be designed to carry it back and forth, not just with the true power in mind.
I am doing a project for econ where I have to interview a bank. The thing is I don't know what to ask. Please help
Do you want positive Questions or Negative questions? Example-- Pos: When was your bank first established and who started it? -How many customers do you have? -How many assets do you manage? (Value of accounts, Value of loans, Value of investments) -What kind of technology do you employ to power your bank -How many employees do you have -How would a person best start a career at your bank -Do you like what you do? What is the average day like of a (teller, bank manager, loan officer, etc) Neg: Did your bank take a bailout and why? -Why do you use other people's money for making more money, but then charge them to use their own money if they don't have enough to meet requirements. Example: I loan the bank $500 in the form of a savings acount, they charge me $10 a month because I didn't loan them $1500) Edit: I think you should re-ask this question and say: If you could ask a bank 1 question, what would it be. Then in your description explain the types of questions you are looking for. A list of 10 is a lot of ask in a questionbut if you got 10 answers, you'd have 10 questions.
I see in Article 1 Section 8 that they have the power to coin money and establish value thereof. I would assume that would include bills of credit as well until I read Article 1 Section 10. It denies the states the power to coin money and it also denies them the power to emit bills of credit. So it has made it very clear that coin money and emit bills of credit are different powers of government. But wait, where does it say that bills of credit can NOT be emitted by the Federal Government? O shoot the 10th amendment forbids the Federal Government from taking any action that is not authorized by the Constitution and its Amendments.Now I understand that the Supreme Court does not interpret it like this. They did at first with Hepburn v. Griswold but that was overturned by Knox v. LeeWhat do you think?
It is part of 'establish the value thereof'