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I am a NRI living in the US. I want to give power of attorney to my aunt to to banking stuff. I can get a document attested at the embassy. but some people are saying it needs to be on a bond paper I dont have one can it just be on plain white sheet? and what happens after i send that to india?
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I recently married in jail. I am out, he is in Cochran state prison and I need a specific banking P.O.A . form notarized by him so I can cash his tax refund check. Where is this banking P.O.A form?
You can find a California financial power of attorney form online or at your local office supply store.
I live in houston, tx and my husband went to jail. I have a notarized durable power of attorney but the bank will not let me deposit his check in my bank because he doesn't sign on my account. He doesn't have a bank account. What can I do? He needs this money to post bail or get an attorney.
It would be legal for the bank to accept it, but no law forces them to do so. Your best bet is probably to take the check, plus the actual signed power of attorney, to the bank on which the check is written, and cash it. Then you can deposit the check into your own bank. Alternatively, have you tried just depositing the check into your bank through the ATM machine and not going through the semi-literate teenager at the counter at all? Richard
Are these usurptation's of power going to go unchallenged by anyone in court?The ACLU is right there for terrorists, where is the ACLU for Americans?Isn't there anyone or group with the cajones to stand up against this tyranny in court?
Reading the articles, it looks as though Humana was NOT gagged; it was simply told to only present facts and let people decide (instead of taking a political position); I don't see anything wrong with that---provided it is applied uniformly. If it was a gag, why wasn't Humana in court claiming a free speech violation? Only reason why: It wasn't. As for issuing wage limits to banks that didn't accept or use TARP funds, I looked on Google and found nothing to support your claim; it is only on those that took their funds, and if THAT were done, it would be challenged as an ex post facto provision (a bank would not have taken the money if it knew of this).
I owed the bank some money and I tried too direct deposit my tax return into my mothers account. I then found out the back took that money and paid the money back that I owed them. Is that legal?
The person the cheque is made out to must sign the cheque, and then write 'pay to the order of _______ (your name)' on the back. You must then sign it. But almost always, they, the bank, needs to be able to verify that the cheque is signed by the original payee. Unless the original payee has an account at the same branch, or you have their ID, or the bank knows both you and the original payee, you will probably be out of luck. The world is a lot less trusting place than it was 20 - 25 years ago. Fraud is always the culprit.
Are governments just for show?
the undertaking is the flexibility for a significant financial company to loan money to a central authority at interest. i'm pondering reinstating Kennedy's government Order 11110. His father Joe become a financial company president at age 26. The Kennedy kinfolk truly understood banking and that i think of Kennedy knew what the heck he become doing while he signed that government Order. and that i think of this is the British bankers that run the Federal Reserve financial company and are destroying our u . s . a . by using financial skill.
If someone has power of attorney, does that give them the right to claim anything belonging to the grantee or close out there bank account??
Answer isit depends on what the grantee granted. Powers of Attorney can over any number or areas. It will be specified in the powers granted. Yes, they can if they have been granted those rights/powers.
hi, I need help with my bank account. Me and my hubby opened a second account, it is under his name, but he left me in charge of it, I was SIPPOSED to be added to the account, however the lady made some msitakes. He had also ordered a bank card, it has been a month and 2 weeks since the order date. And because I am not on the account I cannot recieve any info. he is now in bootcamp, and it will be about till late jan when he comes home. How could I get added to the account if he is not here? Basically is there a form I could mail out and have faxed back? Or what do i do?? I have bills soon, HELP!!
You need power of attorney to have access to any of his bank accounts or financial matters. Contact an attorney.