Fuel Cell Stack for Portable Power

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5000 Units Per Year unit/month

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Product Description:

EOS0403 fuel cell is a highly integrated fuel cell system with compact design.5W is a suitable power for the mobile applications.


Products characters:

1. Light weight and small size;

2. Low noise;

3. Simple system and high reliability;

4. Quick startup, good dynamic performance;

5. Excellent environment adaptability;

6. Simple control and communication policy


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Q:How do I get in on working on hydrogen fuel cells?
Q:how to remove hydrogen from watter?
Electrolysis is a good method for separating water into oxygen and hydrogen gas. Of course, thermodynamics tells us that it will always take more energy to separate than you'd get back by reacting the oxygen and hydrogen.
Q:Hydrogen Fuel Cell - Where can I buy hydrogen fuel cell kit?
What for? Welding? Testing? School? When you dont say what it's for or basic requirements, i wonder if you even know what you're doing.
Q:What are the disadvantages of fuel cells?
Due to the strict sealing requirements, making the fuel cell engine manufacturing process is very complex, and to use and maintain a lot of difficulties.
Q:Are fuel cells out yet?
fuel okorder
Q:Honda's hydrogen fuel cell for the hottest in Hollywood?
Yes!!! It seems kind of silly,doesnt it!!! We cant afford the gas,so how are we supposed to afford the fuel efficiant cars!!
Q:Question about Fuel Cells and Alternative Fuels?
I believe that is a big part of it. Of course, the way around it is to tax the fuel cell itself rather than the fuel. The problem there is that it would make it cost prohibitive to buy the vehicle.
Q:what is the reason for a fuel cell?
the reason for the fuel cell is the following : A long long time ago, in Russia far far away, there was this scientist. His name was Gljigur. He discovered that the 1993 mustang cobra had a few factory faults. He tried to remove them with installing additional power supply. First he tried to use Duracell batteries but Azis ( also a scientist ) said : Batery Gljigur! and that the way the cookie crumbles. Do you know the joke for the rabbi and the nurse ? tell u later The muffins are in the oven. One turns to the other and says : Damn it 's hot in here. And the other one is freaked out and says : OH MY GOD! A talking muffin!!!!! So how you doing ? Говорит Москва!
Q:anything about alternative fuel sources?
In racing they use Methanol (wood alcohol) because of the high octane rating needed for high compression engines producing 500+ H.P. The only drawback it is corrosive to some metals and o rings, and you need 2 times the amount vs. gasoline. Hope this may help you. See Wikipedia on methanol!
Q:I am attempting to set a record for outboard fuel economy with a 26 foot long all carbon fiber/Core Cell?
MPG is not really an applicable fuel rate measurement with a boat. Most will more likely understand economy in terms of litres per hour @ so many RPM and such and such a hull speed. There are planing hulls of around 20' fitted with a twin cylinder diesel of 20 odd HP that achieve economy around 2 ltrs per hour at a cruise of 16 knots - full speed 20 knots. The particular one I am thinking of is in the latest Wooden Boat magazine. 50 mpg is not a number that makes much sense with a boat unless you know what revs and what speed you are getting that at. It sounds wonderful, but as boats are used in a radically dynamic medium the number will be considered only achievable in perfect conditions. In practice boats can return fuel use figures as low as one third of optimum when the weather is bad. Yanmar no longer make the outboard diesels I am told, or they would be a very interesting choice for ultimate economy - heavy though. Yamaha make a very good product in the fourstrokes, but it must be said that all of the big manufacturers make a good product, with all the big names there really isn't a bad product as such. The smaller E-TEC Evinrudes - say the 50 HP is supposed to get about four times the economy at idle of the equivalent Yammie 50 4 st - I find that astonishing if true, but never having owned an E-TEC I can't say if that claim is real. I note that most commercial and govt. outboards are Yamaha. If I went back to commercial fishing Yamaha would be my first choice, but I would look at the E-TECs closely. There is a local charter operator who swears by his E-TECs, once the early teething troubles got sorted anyway. He has re-engined with the latest E-TECs and that says a fair bit to me. You might consider the smallest diesel saildrives - or even a single one in a central pod - if economy is the absolute goal. Sounds like an interesting project.
To impact our industry, our society and our planet with our greatest effort to develop green technology, PEARL commits efforts to being a low-cost solution expert in the hydrogen energy industry. PEARL hopes to cooperate with men of insight to promote the development of hydrogen energy economy and to bring you a zero-emission environment and a bright future.

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Location Shanghai,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2006
Annual Output Value US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Main Markets North America; Southeast Asia; Western Europe
Company Certifications CE Certificate; ISO9001:2008

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Nearest Port
Export Percentage 61% - 70%
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