Portable Mobile Power Bank for Mobile Phone

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Product Description:

Product Description

Our mobile power bank(power bank, portable power bank, mobile phone power bank, 2600mah power bank ) has a good quality, but we want to offer a competitive price: factory direct price.  
As we all know, hello kitty is very popular among the world, and this power bank with hello kitty design must be a star! Super cute! With 4000 mah capacity, small but massive! The battery type is 18650, through continuously tested to ensure its safety. Conveniently use and take. Moreover, it's suitable for charging many kinds of electronic device like ipod, ipad, iphone, MP3/MP4, digital camera and many brands mobile phones.
Please rest assured that our products will be tested strictly before delivery.

1.100% brand new
2. Dual USB output
3. Durable
4. Top quality
5. Pass the inspection of CE, RoHS, FCC
6. Convenient to take
7. Safe to use
8. High Anti-Press Strength
9. Long lifespan
10. Function of self-protection
11. Cute design

Please rest assured that we will strictly test our products before delivery.

If you have any questions about the size, color, capacity, or price etc, pls feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Model Pictures:
Portable Mobile Power Bank for Mobile Phone
Portable Mobile Power Bank for Mobile Phone

Real Capacity4000mAh
InputDC 5.0V/1A
Output5.0V/1A & 5.0V/2A
Charging timeabout 8 hours
Charging timesTwice
Recycling times>=500
Package ContentMicro USB cable,user manual,gift box packing

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