I have this wild idea of powering a window unit from a battery bank. not 100% about how i would charge the batteries but just a crazy idea. Any suggestions on how i might be able to do it?
One issue you are facing is that anything with a motor is going to have induction power ne...
I see those wind turbines and the floating wave power towers for producing electricity.I was curious, is the Great Lakes good for producing wind and wave power generation like in the Oceans? Thanks!
The wave power is not a good option for the Great Lakes. Although you could generate some ...
I live in Kansas and my dad has lung cancer. Where can I get a power of attorney form? What is the process so I can make finical decisions for him
Simply Google 'power of attorney forms Kansas' and take your pick. Remember that a general...
I hear rumors that the following banks run/control the Fed:Rothschild Bank of London Warburg Bank of Hamburg Rothschild Bank of Berlin Lehman Brothers of New York Lazard Brothers of Paris Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy Goldman, Sachs of New York Warburg Bank of Amsterdam Chase Manhattan Bank of New York Is this true?
The truth of the matter is that the FED is not part of the US Government. It is a Privatel...
I took mom to the credit union to get their savings left from my brother's access when he withdrew for the funeral expenses. Then when mom was signing to get the money so she could put it in another bank account, they said that the power of attorney's wife signed for the money. They said she had power of attorney, but I don't think she does, I think her husband does, not her, Where do I start, and mom trusts them with her life, this is terrible. She will soon be penniless and they can take her house too, and say it is to keep greedy relatives from getting it. Who we know they think they are not, and that is just a small part of this robbery. Help
a million. in case your mom had an effect of criminal professional on an identical time as...
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