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Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)

Brand Name: OEM

Design: Bar

Display Color: Color

Screen Resolution: 128x128

Display Type: TFT

Screen: < 2"

Camera: No Camera,Support Custom

Operation System: Symbian

Feature: Bluetooth,FM Radio,MP3 Playback,Dual Sim Card,Build in Flash,Big keyboard suitable for the old

Color: Red,Black,Red

Type: Classic Phone

Dimesion: 109*49*14.3mm


Market: Global

Band (Network): GSM 900/1800MHZ

Battery: 600Mah

SIM card quantity: 2 pieces

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Q:t-mobile future phones?
there acctually coming out with some what an iphone in tmobile next year
Q:How do you pay for Virgin Mobile phones?
All okorder
Q:Essay abount mobile phones?
Advantages (its kind of easy. put some urself :)). 1. A Mobile phone’s mainuse is to make an receive telephone calls to and from the public telephone networks which includes other mobiles and fixed-land phones acrossthe world. 2. It also allows us to send and receive instant messages. Disadvantages 1. Scientists believe that sometimes the radiation of Mobile Phones cause headaches earaches blurring of vision and even cancer to users (These problems are still under research). 2. People, especially teenagers spend three-fourth of their time on mobile phones and always wants to buy the latest ones to remain up-to-date. These become habits among the users causing them to spend unnecessary costs on mobile bills and costs. 3. Cyber bullying is an act using offensive words behaviour by online chatting, emails or SMS text messages. It was showed that the psychological effect of cyber bullying is much severe than face-to-face bullying. This problem is now among teenagers. 4. New technology also is a problem. Mobile phones with camera functions are causing privacy problems.
Q:I get the fact about the Japanese mobile phones but?
Yeah she is breaking up with you sorry!:(
Q:Are mobile phones allowed on a plane?
yeah, but you cant make any calls. You have to disable the signal. If your phone has something called flight mode then you can use your phone to listen to music on the plane. just remember, all electronics must be turned off during take off and landing
Q:can i use a new pre paid sym card on a diconnected t-mobile phone?
I Work for TMobile. Yes, there is no difference between a PrePay SIM card and a SIM card activated on a contract. There is no difference in the process for us in activating a used phone, or a brand new phone. (Except the SideKick) Just know that PrePay will not allow the data functions to work on Data phones (BlackBerry, Wing, Dash, any windows mobile device.) If it is a SideKick, just let the salesman know, it is a slightly different process, but no big deal. Also, if it is a SK and it was previously registered to someone else, after you activate you have to call 1800.937.8997 and ask for the SK department, then ask them to wipe it clean. They dont care where the phones come from, it is not their problems, so dont worry. Hope that helps Choose best answer if you think mine was!!!!
Q:Young people and mobile phones?
Now a day mobile phones become a part of human life. Peoples are busy now with their own job business. They spend time more time in office and outdoor rather home. So a mobile phone can be a best friend of him/her for contact with child, partner or family. Young people cant continue without mobile phone a single day. After manufacture Android Phone young are catch it make their life enjoyable. Android mobile can brings word in your hand when you are out of home or you don't have any laptop. For you Android may be a best friend.
Q:I am getting a new mobile/cell phone,any ideas for under £60?? UK ONLY.? That phone is good its an MP3 player too ! Plus its sony ericsson. Personally i love pink so that phone is cute ) ^^^^ Sorry i couldn't find many others ( Good Luck finding a new phone Abby xxx
Q:Which is the most popular mobile phone operator in Italy?
Telecom Italia Mobile Wind Vodaphone
Q:T-Mobile Users Phone Question?
hi, sturdy question. Infact each and anybody makes use of for calling truly. yet on eadvantage is, even as the guy in out of insurance section or no longer accessible, then you truly can form the msg and deliver it. each and each and every time the guy comes into the reassurance section, he receives it. (ofcourse this may artwork basically even as he's not accessible for a couple of minutes) different element is, some carriers grant some facilities like loose SMS and so on. then you truly can extract more advantageous positive advantages from them. --Hanu

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