Professional Factory Mobile Phone Charger 7800mAh Power Bank

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1. Portable, mobile, external, universal
2. Long lasting
3. For iPhone, ipad, Nokia, Samsung, HTC.....
4. CE, FCC, RoHS Certificates

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2. Quick delivery: 1-3 days for sample order, 5-10 days for formal order.
3. Low MOQ: usually our MOQ is 100PCS, but for small orders, we also accept.
4. Quality guarantee: all of our products have got CE,FCC and ROHS approved certificate.
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Cell TypeLi-ion Battery
InputDC 5V/1A
OutputDC 5V/1A
Power Efficiency90%
UsageCell phone,mobile phone,tablet,mp3,psp,speaker
CompatibilityFor Iphone,Nokia,Samsung,Blackberry,HTC,Motorola,LG
FeaturePortable,new coming,universal,usb,external
StyleLong lasting,best,new,handy,emergency,high capacity
Cell typeLi-ion Battery,Lithium polymer

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