Lithium-Ion Polymer OLED Power Bank for iPhone

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Product Description:

Product Description

solar charger features

1. CE/FCC/ROHS certification

2. Use A grade Battery core

3. Rechargeable times: over 500 times and keep over 80% capacity after 3 year general usage

4. 100% Real capacity , 90% conversion

5. Protect functions: Short circuit, over-current, over-charging and over-discharging

6.Suit for various electronics devices , such as mobile phone,blackberry,MP3,MP4,PSP,etc
Waterproof 5000mAh Solar Power BankWaterproof 5000mAh Solar Power BankWaterproof 5000mAh Solar Power Bank

Battery type:Li-Polymer Battery
Black,  Green ,  Blue ,  Yellow
Charge time:
about 6-7 hours
Certificates:CE, FCC, RoHS
Socket Type:USB charging
Packing:Universal plastic gift box/Recyclable gift box
Standard accessories:

Solar charger 1pc , input/output line 1pc , Apple connector 1pc
Applicable models:
Android / BlackBerry / Windows Phone / Symbian platform mobile phone,
iPhone, iPod, PDA, PMP, PlayStatio
Our advantages:
1.Factory direct sale with competitive price.
2.Professional design team to serve you.
3.All our productions are used by best material
4.CE, FCC, ROHS certification assure you our good quality

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