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I reconnected the charge pack correctly, and although it was nearly drained, it doesn't look like there was any damage done to the electrical system in the car.
You should not attempt it. It can cause damage to the car. It can also cause an explosion which can be deadly. If you have another battery pack try connecting that one for a safer result.
One of the battery pack to die, and a piece of it?
One of the batteries in parallel, this battery output capacity is twice as large, but other batteries can not output the same current, so no use.
I recently purchased a rechargeable battery pack. It was manufactured two years back. Will this have any effect on its performance or recharge cycle?Thanks
I'm still using packs of rechargeable batteries that are over 5 years old It's more important that you know how to look after them when you start to use themdon't let them lie around without charging them or they will dieI use rechargeables in all my audio devices and my photography and video equipment and check them all regularly to make sure they haven't discharged - it's a nuisance sometimeswell worth it though.
I need buy a new battery for my computer and my moms computer but I keep seeing 6 cell or 12 cell.and 4400mAh and 5200mAh. I need to know what batteries would be correct for our computers. The computers are Compaq Presario 3700 and Toshiba Satellite L645-S4102 pretty old laptops but they still have some fight. so please help out.Websites to find cheap batteries would help too. Really anything would help. Thanks
many times speaking, confident, it would routinely equate to double battery existence. Do observe regardless of the incontrovertible fact that, that the 12 cellular is heavily extra desirable, and so your laptop won't lay flat (the battery will act as a sort of prop-up).
I have a Cannon 7D with a battery pack attachment. I have a large bag that fits my camera with a lens on, 3 other lenses, and most of my other accessories but it is big and heavy. For casual shooting I'd like something smaller to fit only my camera with the battery pack and one lens but I can't seem to find one that will fit the camera with the battery pack attchment. Anyone have a good one or know where I can can find one?
Your best bet is a bag store not a camera shop. There are specialized bag stores out there (in the mall?) that cater to people carrying gadgets. The bags will be more stylish (not all-black as in camera shops) and others offer more comfort for carrying heavy gadgets (large laptops and huge dSLRs). I'm not from where you are so my suggestions would be mute. We mostly have Chinese imports and local brand names that change faster than the pages of a calendar but we do have those type of stores and if third-world has it then so must you.
I was looking for a cheap battery pack and found this 8.4V 1600mAh NiMH Flat Battery Pack for Airsoft Guns.Is this reliable???Why or why not
If it fits in an airsoft gun, or it says its for airsoft guns, why wouldn't it be reliable? Just don't overcharge it.
Can you use a battery grip with just one battery pack or do you actually need 2?
Your main question has been answered by the other contributors so lets move on to your next question, Which battery grip should I buy? or Do I really need to buy the OEM battery grip? Check out this comparison between battery grips for the Canon 5DMarkIII: MIke
i have a spare battery pack and one of my controllers is broken, so buying the wired controller and putting a battery pack in it would be a cheaper solution (if it can be done)
Wow. A battery is not a transceiver. It will not convert a wired controller to wireless.