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Product Model

Watt 1-s

Watt 1

Nominal Energy



Nominal Voltage



Nominal Capacity



Cell Type



Standard Charge Voltage



Max Charge Current



Discharge Cut-Off Voltage



Max Discharge Current



Parallel Function

Support parallel

Support 15 Units in Parallel

Communication Interface

No Communication


Calendar Life

15+Years @25C 80%DOD

Cycle Life

≥6000 Cycles (80%DOD)

Charge temperature range


Discharge temperature range



Cell: UL1642/IEC62619/CE/ROHS/ MSDS/UN38.3 Pack: MSDS/UN38.3








Source with confidence

 Direct from Verified Custom Manufacturer



Household,Hospital, Bank, Airport, Power plant and other systems.

Solar energy storage cabinet

Long last UPS battery.

Phone switch, Telecom room SMR hospitals.





About 2000-6000 cycles, up to 10 times longer life span compared to lead-acid batteries.

More Usable Capacity
100% depth of discharge (DOD),25-50% more usable capacity than lead-acid batteries.

Average 70% lighter than the same size traditional lead-acid batteries.

Fast &Safe Charge
High charge/discharge rate, charge much faster than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Built-in Protection
Every battery comes with a built-in battery protection system.

Drop-in Replacement
A variety of BCI standard sizes or custom solution for easy drop-in replacement.


Ultimate clean energy, no gassing, no fumes, no pollution, on-hazardous batteries.








Who are we?

We are based in Beijing, China, start from 2004,sell to all countries. There are more than300 people in our office.


 How can we guarantee quality?

Always a pre-production sample before mass production;

Always final Inspection before shipment;


What can you buy from us?

Energy Storage System,Power Storage Battery,Solar Panels,Energy Etorage Battery,LiFePO4 Battery Storage System


Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?

Focus on the R&D, production and sales of power batteries & energy storage system.


What services can we provide?

Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,DDU,Express Delivery;

Accepted Payment Currency:USD,CNY;


Can I have a sample order? 

Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.


Would you accept to use our logo ? 

All of our products are accepted to print your logo on the enclosure and package box,it depends on the amount, from 200pcs to1000pcs. 


What kind of certificate you have ? 

CE/TUV/MSDS/ISO/CB/UL/ROHS certificates.etc.


How to choose suitable inverter? 

If your load is resistive loads, such as: bulbs, you can choose a modified wave inverter. But if it is inductive loads and capacities loads,we recommend using pure sine wave power inverter. 


How do I choose the size of the inverter?

Different types of load demand for power are different. You can view the load power values to determine the size of the power inverter.


Q:I have 2 rechargable battery packs,1) 6V, 3200mAh2) 7.2V, 3600mAhQ1) Can I attach both of them in parallel (by first making sure they measure same volts at that time) because I was wondering, what would happen when I'll charge the combined battery !? as one of the packs can reach 7.2V, while the other 6V only. [if not, any alternate solutions?]Q2) Would I get a total power of 3200+3600 6800mAh ?Thanks.
Any good rechargable AAs (like the 2500mAh Energizers I have) will last just as long as the Nyko Wiimote packs. But the AAs have several advantages: 1) About the same price for a charger and 4 AAs as for a Nyko charger and 2 packs. But Spare AAs are cheaper and easier to get. 2) AAs and chargers for them can be used for other devices. 3) AAs can be charged outside the Wiimote, meaning when they run low, you just swap them out. 4) You can buy a 15-minute charger for the AAs. No so for the Wiimote battery packs. 5) Major battery manufacturers are less likely to go bankrupt or stop supporting their solution for the Wiimote.
Q:I just bought myself a nice, new laptop. Now I've heard two different philosophies when it comes to making the battery pack in it last:A) always plug it in and use it as rarely as possible in battery modeB) always run it in battery mode until totally empty, then recharge, and use again in battery mode.Somehow, neither of these feel completely right to me. Memory effect, limited number of charging cycles what's the generally accepted opinion in geek circles?
There is no memory effect unless you're using an antiquated technology. Regular cycling is best. For lithium packs, a full discharge every six or seven cycles is recommended. For the remaining times, they like to be topped up frequently. Leaving it connected to AC is a sure way of killing the pack prematurely.
Q:Alright so I have a smartphone and an iPod and I swear everytime I go on a road trip they go dead half way despite me charging them all night. maybe I just use them too much. Anyways I'm looking for the best external USB battery pack. I want one for around $40 and I need it to last allot longer than what my phone and iPod are used to.
Home Depot sells a system called Tek4 The actual charger is 20 and comes with various tips and has a standard usb plug in to plug any usb device then you need the rechargable battery which you can buy as many as you want. They are about 13 and then you need the battery charger which is 20 to 35 depending which model you buy. I have it and it works great for my blackberry. they also sell other products like flashlights, tools, cameras which use the same battery
Q:Uninterrupted power ups to reprovision the battery pack?
Plus the battery pack is to let the computer power off after running longer.
Q:i have a craftsman battery 19.2 volts for a power drill that it was charging but now it does not charge enymore so i was wondering if it can be fix or what can i do to fix it
Your okorder
Q:A few weeks ago I bought a new 3DS in a bundle from Walmart, with it I recieved a Nyko battery pack and charge base for extended battery life. The first time I attached my 3DS to the charge base it worked perfectly, but I tried to charge it again last night and this morning it's still on low battery. When I put the 3DS on the charger, the red light lit up, indicating that it was charging. This morning the same light had turned green which means it is completely charged. I took it off the charger and started it up to find the battery just as low as before and when I put it back on the charger, the lights still indicate that it is fully charged. What is going on here?
Nyko has stated that their products are not fully compatible with those of Nintendo--i.e. the charging cradle. Try fully charging your 3DS by unplugging the plastic cradle, and charging the unit directly from the cable. If that doesn't work, there may be an issue with your battery or power supply.
Q:Hi, i know this will sound silly but i just want to make sure. i want to know if you can return a battery pack that is open (the back is open) at CVS? my mom wants to return it and im trying to tell her they most likely won't take it back. so anyone please tell me and prove my mom wrong. i know i know.and p.s i don't know what subject to put this as (sorry)
why? doesnt only cost like a buck. and most likely they won't take it
Q:i can use regular battery packs in my controller just not rechargeable battery packs
Are you sure your battery packs are charged? if you just opened them they might need a charge?
Q:i have the regular battery pack, i use (2) AA batteries . even after a brand new set it keeps turning off, please help me
Maybe okorder
Q:I have don it before but forgot how to find the bad one. I have a battery pack that will not charge. I hooked the charger to it and found one battery that I had continunity through it without droping any voltage I think it's the one.I want to take a battery out of another bad pack and replace it. Is there any way of checking them, ( individually) with a Multimeter, or do I need to check like I did the other?
I would never try to repair a battery pack. Just buy a new one.

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