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Basically I bought some of these battery packs for my xbox controller:
Hey! I'm not an expert in the matter but I once bought a set of battery packs like these with the same recharge chords. It's just a regular USB cable input with a certain plug on the other end which appears to be purposely designed for these battery packs as I've never seen it before. Except maybe with some phones? You wouldn't be able to buy them seperate I wouldn't imagine unless you went to an electronics store, but if you'd like an extra spare battery pack with a new cable, these ones should be the same ones as your looking for: shop.OKorder .uk/i.html?_nkwxbox+recharge+cable_sacat0_odkwvenom+recharge+cable_osacat0_trksidp3286.c0.m270.l1313 I live in australia, but i'm assuming your from the UK, as the amazon link was .uk/ I hope i've helped, sorry for the long read. Cheers!
i want to make a battery powered shop vac
First you find a shop vac with a DC motor, and see how many volts and amps it requires. Then you find enough batteries to produce that much power. Lead acid batteries are heavy. Lithium ion batteries are lightweight but expensive.
I just bought the Rechargeable battery pack for xbox 360. I already had the Play and Charge Kit but it stopped working. I thought the the battery pack had died because it wouldn't charge. But when i plugged the charger into my xbox and into my controller, no light showed up. I don't know if the battery pack is already fully charged or if my charger is just screwed up.
it's your charger
Hi, I picked up a used laptop but it didn't come with a battery pack, so I'm wondering if I buy a charger for it, if it would turn on or would I need the battery inside there? It's a older model of the Gateway laptops.
Yes, they should turn on with just the charger.
Hi, i know this will sound silly but i just want to make sure. i want to know if you can return a battery pack that is open (the back is open) at CVS? my mom wants to return it and im trying to tell her they most likely won't take it back. so anyone please tell me and prove my mom wrong. i know i know.and p.s i don't know what subject to put this as (sorry)
why? doesnt only cost like a buck. and most likely they won't take it
If I get the battery pack, will the batteries last a long time or do they finally wear out after so many recharges? Is it worth buying a battery charge pack?
It comes with a rechargable battery %. (a minimum of mine did). do not hassle touching directly to the battery life, it lasts long sufficient and in case you lose means then only hook it as plenty because of the fact the USB port (by potential of charging cable). What I do is only play wirelessly, then on the comparable time as i'm finished I turn off my xbox then twine up the controller and xbox expenses the controller till ultimately its thoroughly charged.
I have two battery packs for my 18v Dewalt drill and neither will take a charge. Is there a way to revive them so they will charge up?
You can try zapping the battery packs with a welder per the referenced URL. I've never done that personally but I've had quite good success zapping individual Ni-Cd batteries with an auto battery charger and it's worth a try. You definitely need a higher current and/or voltage source to successfully zap a battery pack with its array of series and parallel connected cells. If that doesn't work, if you're handy you can try rebuilding the battery pack by disassembling it and testing/replacing the bad individual Ni-Cd sub-C cells. There are several good sources online for detailed info on how to do that. I also happen to own a DeWalt cordless drill with 2 battery packs that are slowly going bad and that's what I plan to do when they finally fail. Replacement battery packs are ridiculously overpriced and are only a last resort. Good luck!
I have a Canon PowerShot camera. It does take batteries, it takes those square battery pack things. Do those things need to be replaced a lot? I've had mine for less than a year but, I take tons of pics and my battery won't work now even after I charge it--How often do they need to be changed?
It would help to know the model number of the camera you are using. Also, the battery's model number found on the sticker on the back of the battery. The newer ones, such as NB-4L and NB-5L have a slightly longer battery life, but either way they shouldn't be dead immediately after charging. I had this same problem when I bought a third party battery pack for my Canon SD550. The battery worked fine for a few weeks, but after a while it could barely hold any charge at all. I would recommend that you buy an official Canon battery pack (one that has Canon engraved into the battery itself). If this doesn't work, you may have a problem with your camera itself.