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Ordinary battery power is the button battery several times?
With a button battery voltage is too low can not light the general diode has a 1.2 volt light emitting diode can be connected to the above normal work can be about 1.5 hours.
CR2032 button battery which good point?
The capacity of course, the higher the better, the general capacity of about 160 milliamperes -180 milliamperes; professional brand good in more than 200 milliamperes.
What brand of button battery is good?
SONY button batteries in the entire electrical industry, is one of the market's top brands, together with the Eresson, Sony coin batteries in the communications manufacturing industry, IT industry more market appeal, the current computer motherboard market, battery share, SONY brand has occupied Second only to PANASNSOIC.
Button battery classification
Alkaline battery (code L), nominal voltage 1.5 V. Silver oxide battery (code S), nominal voltage 1.55 V.
How many kinds of button batteries?
(LIR series), 3V rechargeable lithium ion battery (ML or VL series); non-rechargeable, including 3V lithium manganese button cell (CR series) and 1.5V base Zinc and manganese button batteries (LR and SR series).
How to distinguish the type of button batteries?
MALAK button batteries are generally common and no charge of the two, charging, including 3.6V rechargeable lithium ion battery (LIR series), 3V rechargeable lithium ion battery (ML or VL series).
Two 3v and a 3v button battery What is the difference?
If you have been using two CR2016 3V can not use a CR2032 3V battery replacement, although the thickness is 3.2 mm, but the voltage is not the same.
What is the size of the coin-sized button battery?
There are two common types: CR2032 and CR2025. It is best what type of battery, buy what model, or look at the electrical manual requirements.