3 Volt Lithium Battery

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I am trying to build my own battery pack to fit my needs for me and my robot. And I was wondering if their are any good tutorials, books or websites out their on this topic. Thank you.
It depends on the required voltage and power needs. Different batteries have different voltages (difference of potential between the + and - terminals) and Amp-hour (total potential hours of operation at one Amp of current) ratings. If you need a power source that isn't currently available for sale, try stringing together many of the same type of battery (same voltage and Amp-hour rating), connected in series. If this is a store-bought robot, I have to assume it came with a battery pack, probably a series of rechargeable AAs in a heat-shrunk package. If you made the robot yourself, you need to know the required voltages for each of its subcomponents and may have to have multiple power supplies. Or just find the nearest Radio Shack.
18650 assembled into a battery pack should pay attention to what matters?
Install the battery pack also pay attention to short circuit problems, pay attention only to high temperature glue, barley paper, nickel and other accessories, to avoid nickel scraping the battery skin, scratch the skin easily short circuit.
I can't find the charger cord for my controller so I am trying to find it's original battery pack. I want to sell it, but all I can find is a white one. The controller I am selling is red. Will they buy it even if it doesn't have the correct battery pack?
Gamestop okorder
I need to replace the batteries for my little brother's walkie talkies. They are uniden, and use a rechargeable battery pack. Can I just put 3 single rechargeable batteries in them instead?
If the radio has spots for them, yes, but you need to take them out to charge them on a standard charger for that type of battery. To charge in the radio, you need the special Uniden batteries.
I have a Dell Latitude D600. I have heard that leaving it plugged in while the battery is on full will slowly eat away at the battery life. Does anyone know if this is true? If so, how to guard against it?
I have an XBOX 360 battery pack, and it doe's not work. when ever I put the charger on the controller, the controller just does nothing, but the controller does work, but when I leave for a long time, it's still not charged. What can I do ?
you may need to bring it to gamestop or where ever you got it and they might try to fix it
i lost the pack for the AA's to go in and my play and charge cord doesnt work so i have a dead battery from that. any help is aprecciated.
unfortunatly not. It's possible but wouldnt be worth your time. You best off by buying a new battery pack
I have been using the Battery Pack from the Play Charge Kit on my Wireless Limited Edition Xbox 360 Controller for A While now. And now just recently, while I have been also using the cord from the Play Charge Kit that charges your Battery pack Controller, The Colour of the light on that has been changing from no colour, To red, And To green about 1 time every minute. Also, Whenever I press the Xbox Guide button, It keeps saying the battery life is jumping around from 1 - 4. And I don't know how to fix it. So I would be really happy if someone could please help me figure out what's wrong. Thanks!
Rechargeable battery packs lose their charge after awhile. It happens to all rechargeable battery packs. Happened to my Play and Charge too. You'll need to buy a new battery pack or just buy a whole new Play and Charge kit.